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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



2048 Game - The original addictive puzzle app with the best graphics for ipod ipad iphone ipod really awesome whatsapp good mind flappy sudoku all google youtube me packs chess play trick cheat win boys girls facebook puzzles jigsaw craft man spider batman Play the most addictive game of the moment in your TV through your Google CromeCast. Share your best result with your friends in any social network. 2048: HOW TO PLAY? The objective of the game is to get the number 2048 using additions of the number two and its multiples. You will have a grid of 16 tiles. Two numbers will be given: usually two number twos, maybe number four. Move up or down, left or right trying to join two equal numbers. When two equal numbers are in touch, they will add up. If we are run out of equal numbers on our grid, or we can not put them in touch, the game will provide us another two, a four or even an eight so we can keep on playing. If there are no free tiles on our grid, the game ends. By adding numbers, we get higher numbers and we can approach to 2048, which is the goal of the game. PLAY VIA WEB TOO IN:

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