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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



The 5BX App is the easiest way to track 5BX workouts. Fully supports the 5BX Plan. 6 charts, 12 levels per chart, 11 minutes a day. Perfect for exercising at home, no equipment needed! Beautiful design and simple to use while you workout. And now with audio prompts, it’s even better. Whether you are a seasoned 5BX exerciser or just starting out, this app is a great way to track your progress. Here's what some 5BX App users say: ◈ "Now there's this app, which makes it so much easier. Worth x3 the price." ◈ "... this App is a perfect guide/log. The App is intuitive, works well, and is easy to follow." ◈ "A big thanks to the developer for putting this together!" ◈ "I love the app" ◈ "I wanted a straightforward app to step me through the 5BX program every day. This does that... With audio this would be perfect." Easy to Use ◇ Single button to step through exercises ◇ Plays voice or chimes audio prompts at the start of exercises and reps ◇ Tracks your chart & level progress ◇ Follows 5BX Plan recommended progression rate for age ◇ Beautiful design with clean, intuitive user interface ◇ Created by a seasoned 5BX exerciser Features ◇ Animated exercise graphics with rep counts clearly displayed ◇ Progress bars show where you are in each exercise ◇ Timer displays your elapsed exercise time ◇ Bar graph of your exercise times ◇ History log of your exercise days ◇ Interactive guide shows you how to use the app step-by-step Settings ◇ Exercise 5 Walk, Run or Stationary Run ◇ Automatically adjust progression rate according to age ◇ Automatically go to next level and chart when current level completed ◇ Voice, chimes or silent audible prompts ◇ Display Metric distances (km) of walk & run options ◇ Flying Crew adjusts recommended chart level for some age groups

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