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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



9PadX adds to your iPhone a 9-key keyboard that allows you to write fast with the use of a single finger. The 9PadX keyboard uses a dictionary with more than 40000 words and commonly used verbs, and you can add custom words that are not present in dictionaries. the languages ​​supported by 9PadX are English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. the writing modes include the use of the predictive dictionary, similar to the T9, the multi-tap mode and the numeric mode. for entering the numbers in test mode, use the long press for 2 seconds on the number to be entered. during writing you can switch to the alternative words, making a swipe to the right or left on the keyboard. all the words corresponding to the keys pressed will be selected in sequence. it is also possible to manage dictionaries. you can modify the word order, add new ones, remove unused words or redistribute the list of initial words.

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