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Feb, 2023



Summary: A fun, quirky mobile game where animated map design and battle scenes meet a cute, witty style. A thrilling shoot 'em up adventure lies at your fingertips! Collect weapons and heroes, come up with a suitable strategy, and give the zombies hell! In a joint effort with the original team behind the manga series, we present you with the new journey of Mr. Bone. Find out what awaits him this time! [Gameplay] 1. Simple controls. Collect powerful weapons and other gear and wipe out your enemies. 2. Increase your BR with no limit by unlocking gear and heroes and enhancing genes. 3. Shoot your way inside the enemy base. Take down powerful bosses to get your dream materials and gear! 4. Agent Bone doesn't rest. Even after you close the game, he'll get you your rewards and wait for your return. [Features] 1. Simple Controls Ultimate dodge, auto target lock—say goodbye to complicated controls! 2. Realistic Shooting Experience Realistic ballistics bring an amazing shooting experience! Choose from dozens of guns to cope with different scenarios. If that's still not enough, the Gatling Gun and RPG are waiting for you to unlock them! 3. Strategy is key! Tons of talents are available in this game. The right talent combination makes all the difference! Clever map design, a variety of monsters, unique boss challenges... And more! Make good use of talent items you find in the game to defend your home and crush the Zombie Legion! 4. Licensed characters and storyline. Thoguh a game to be played for free, Mr. Bone contains paid VIP Subscriptions.About VIP Subscriptions:1. Purchase VIP Subscription to receive all VIP perks: 1) Receive 50 Diamonds per day. 2) Receive 3 Revival Tickets per day. 3) +1 Reward at Stage and Store. 4) +1 Talent Choice in battle. 5) x2 Stamina Purchase Earnings. 2. Weekly Subscription comes at $2.99. Monthly Subscription has a 3-day trial use, after which the monthly price is $9.99. 3. Subscription will be automatically renewed at the same price unless players switch off automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the trial use expires. 4. Subscription fees will be automatically paid within 24 hours before the current Subscription expires. 5. After the purchase, users could manage Subscription or cancel automatic renewal at Account Settings. 6. The current Subscription couldn’t be canceled when it is effective. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

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