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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Did you try to play Americano with you Padel-friends? It's awesome! This app will help you to organize your Americano tournament. You just have to enter some basic information like the player names, how many courts you are playing on and how many points you are playing from. The app fixes the rest. All matches are set up for all the rounds necessary for all players to play together with everyone. The app now support 7 different kinds of Americanos. You can play; Normal Americano - All players plays one time with every player Mixed Americano - Every round is played with one woman and a man in every team, you play until all women have played in the same team as all men. Team Americano - You play as a team, you play until every team has played 1 time against every team Mexicano - A fun form of play with the premise that the matches should be as even as possible. The first match is drawn for the participants. After that, the matches are based on the scoreboard. Mixicano - Like Mexicano but you will always be drawn a woman and a man in each team! Team Mexicano - Like Mexicano but with fixed teams! Super Mexicano - Like Mexicano but you can get extra points the closer to the leader-court you are. You can configure how many super-points you should get, and from what round it should happen. ********************* Restrictions - Max 24 players - Max 16 players in the mix The app works for odd (divided by 4) number of participants but the structure will not be so satisying if you are more than 9

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