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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



This app is designed to work together with a special AR Dino World kit. Interact with incredible dinosaurs in augmented reality, control their movements, learn interesting facts and have a lot of fun exploring those amazing prehistoric creatures. AR Dino World is a new and highly entertaining way to travel back and witness living dinosaurs. Welcome to Dinosaur World! You can play with any of the five dinos:* ◆ Tyrannosaurus ◆ Brachiosaurus ◆ Stegosaurus ◆ Triceratops ◆ Velociraptor Main features: ◆ Bring prehistoric creatures to your world and take control of them. ◆ Learn main info about dinosaurs (size, weight, diet, habitat, etc.). ◆ Place and enter a portal to the amazing world of dinos. ◆ Create a collection of cool photos and videos with creatures. ◆ Activate the multiplayer game mode and play with your friends. ◆ Experiment with the dinosaur skin, choose any or design your own. ◆ Turn into a palaeontologist, dig and recreate a dinosaur. *Only one dinosaur is available by default. Follow the instructions on how to unlock it. Other dinos can be purchased, if necessary. Dinosaurs come back to life with AR Dino World!

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