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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



camcorder extended revolutionizes your video camera experience. you can record videos with your device as with traditional cameras. camcorderEX allows you to adjust the motorized zoom with three different speeds. the motorized zoom function allows you to adjust the zoom whit constant speed and professional way. in camcorderEX there is the "FADE" in / out function that allows you to fade directly during video recording. The main function of camcorderEX is that of multi-part recording. Once the recording has started, it is possible to pause the recording and resume it on different frames. complete the shooting of the various scenes, you can save it in the camera roll as a single video. camcorderEX provides many functions that can be used directly during shooting, saving the video ready for viewing. among the functions present in camcorderEX you can find: Color filters: Reverse Monochrome posterize Photographic Filters: Chrome Fade Instant Mono Noir sepia Distortion Filters: Vignette Bump Splash Glass Artistic Filters: crystallize Edge pixellate Blur Image Adjustment: Brightness Contrast Saturation Croma other functions present are the possibility to add an overwhelming time and date, and the location of the shot.

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