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Δ Find your lost Headphones, Fitbit, Fitness Tracker, Earbuds and many more Bluetooth devices... Δ The radar will locate BLE devices in your area Δ Then you can find your device by using the proximity signal More info: 1. Start the application and watch the radar find the Bluetooth device around you. 2. Select your device and walk in the direction that increases the intensity signal. That is the zone where you need to head to. 3. Walk slowly and take your time. You'll find it! Extra: you can also give your device a custom name instead of the automatic system number. You are not the first one to loose your earbuds or Bluetooth device. It happens all the time. So breathe deeply and use the app to find it back. Download and start looking for your device now. Do not wait before it runs out of battery! Disclaimer: - The radar is powerful. If it uncover too many devices, we suggest you power OFF as many Bluetooth devices as possible so you can focus on the devices you look for. - Your Bluetooth device need to be powered, ON and within a detectable range. So walk around until you think the radar located your device. - BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy. It is a communication protocol used by many devices to convey information wirelessly. - The app works with many different devices. If it does work with a particular one, contact us and we'll have a look. - We are not linked with any companies mentioned here in any way. We only tested the app with these devices. - Fitbit® is a registered trademark or trademark of Fitbit, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries. - Extended use of this app can decrease battery life rapidly.

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