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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



LightLAB PRO is the direct evolution of LuxMeterPro. this transformation makes LightLAB PRO a flexible, accurate and indispensable tool for those who need a device that offers professional features at a very low cost. LightLAB PRO finds its utility both in lighting applications and in the world of photographs and video makers. among the main features of course, in addition to measuring the lighting level of an environment, in this version, which is more improved with a very high accuracy, it allows to measure a whole series of parameters that make LightLAB PRO a unique instrument. The parameters calculated and made available to the user are: The exposure level expressed in EV, the color temperature in KELVIN, the aperture value in f stop, the exposure time in fractions of a second 1 / s and other parameters like the coordinates of the white point and more. All these values ​​are useful to those who work in photo-cinematography to correctly set the light sources so as to obtain the desired result quickly and without spending exaggerated sums to buy devices that do this work. in addition to the measurement of the parameters described above, it is also possible to customize some of them according to your needs. moreover it is possible to scan the light spectrum of the sources and evaluate with extreme accuracy the components and the wavelengths that make up the light that illuminates the scene. LightLAB PRO becomes a real light analysis laboratory providing all the necessary tools to get professional lighting without difficulty

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