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LIKE A PRO SHOWCASES IFBB PRO BODYBUILDER JEFF LONG'S PERSONAL GYM WORKOUTS & EXERCISES, AS WELL AS STRENGTH AND WEIGHT TRAINING ROUTINES. If you're passionate about bodybuilding, fitness and weight training, you can now easily draw inspiration from IFBB Pro Jeff Long's personal gym workouts and exercises. Like A Pro provides you with over 3 months worth of challenging exercices and bodybuilding workouts. New workouts by Jeff are added on a regular basis! Like A Pro features over 34 muscle group pairings and over 160 exercices. That's a total of 85 bodybuilding workouts that were an integral part of IFBB Pro Jeff Long’s contest preparation. --------------------------------------- HERE'S WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING: --------------------------------------- "Great app! Lots of workouts for every muscle group !" "Best workout database! Better than having a partner." "This is a great app, well organized, easy to use, comprehensive, and fast response. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us." "Jeff's workouts have always been first-class. Now this app beautifully integrates them into my phone, so I can have then at my finger tips. Great work!" ============================ FEATURES ============================ Figuring out which muscle groups to work on the same day is challenging, but now you can learn how Jeff Long pairs up! --------------------------------------- Included strength and weight training pairings are: --------------------------------------- • ABDOMINALS • BACK • BACK & BICEPS • BACK & CALVES • BACK & CHEST • BACK & HAMS • BACK & TRAPS • BACK, TRAPS & CALVES • BACK, TRAPS & REAR DELTS • BICEPS & TRICEPS • BICEPS, TRICEPS & CALVES • CHEST & ABS • CHEST & BACK • CHEST & BICEPS • CHEST & SHOULDERS • CHEST & SIDE DELTS • CHEST & TRICEPS • CHEST, TRICEPS & CALVES • HAMS & CALVES • HAMS & QUADS • QUADS • QUADS & CALVES • QUADS & HAMS • QUADS, HAMS & CALVES • SHOULDERS • SHOULDERS & ABS • SHOULDERS & BICEPS • SHOULDERS, BICEPS & CALVES • SHOULDERS, BICEPS & TRICEPS • SHOULDERS, TRAPS & BICEPS • SHOULDERS & TRICEPS • SHOULDERS, TRICEPS & BICEPS • TRICEPS & BICEPS --------------------------------------- Tips from the Pro --------------------------------------- • TRAINING SPLITS: Learn how Jeff trains throughout the week, when and how he schedules his pairings, and when he rests. • CARDIO GUIDE: Jeff's 16-week cardio program to maximize fat burning before a competition. • NUTRITION SUGGESTIONS: Browse Jeff's suggestions to optimize your meals throughout the day. --------------------------------------- Rest timer --------------------------------------- From any workout screen, press and hold to activate or reset the rest timer. Tap to exit. --------------------------------------- Support amateurs athletes --------------------------------------- You get to promote and encourage amateur bodybuilders aiming to become Pros! The app features up-and-coming athletes for you you to vote for. 5% of Like A Pro's proceedings will be redistributed among the featured amateurs who received the most user votes. ============================ SUPPORT & FEEDBACK ============================ If you encounter any problem with Like A Pro, please email us directly ([email protected]) as opposed to leaving a negative review. It is difficult for us to help you if we can't answer back. It also helps us and other users when we receive emails from you. Thank you!

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