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Navy SEALs require an extraordinarily high level muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness to carry out assigned missions. With over 220 exercises, 90+ movies and 20 calculators and hundreds of pages of reference material, Navy SEAL Fitness helps you to train like a Navy SEAL. To train for these physically demanding tasks, the Navy created The Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide. The authors of this comprehensive guide, physicians and physiologists, were chosen because of their special qualifications in the area of physical fitness and their knowledge of the SEAL community. Their expertise ensured the guide was written with a goal of expanding the individual Navy SEAL's knowledge of attaining and retaining a high level of fitness. Because SEALs train for mission related performance, the objective for every workout is elite fitness, validated by the ability to perform every task at the level necessary to accomplish any mission – no matter what. What does that mean? It means that training must be comprised of broad and inclusive, constantly varied functional movements that are performed at high intensity in order to prepare for the unknown. The Navy SEALS are an elite branch of the U.S. Special Forces whose reputation for outstanding physical fitness is unparalleled. Now everybody that wants to improve his or her health, strength and endurance can take advantage of this information. Topics Include: * Overview of physical fitness * Exercise physiology * Muscle structure and Function * Principles of physical training * Specificity of training * Determining your training heart rate * Energy systems used by exercising muscle * Lactic acid and ATP-CP system for anaerobic work * Methods of physical training * Cardiorespiratory conditioning * Determination of work rate * Active recovery * How to estimate your maximal aerobic capacity * Types of aerobic activities * Basic workouts * Running for fitness * Swimming for fitness * Strength training * Flexibility training * Calisthenics * Plyometrics * Sports related injuries * Physical fitness and training recommendations * Weight lifting techniques * Anatomical terms and diagrams Bonus Nutritional Material! Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Series (NOFFS) designed by the Navy for "best in class" fitness and nutrition performance. Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide designed by the military to meet the physical and mental demands imposed by special operations training and missions.

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