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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



*** FREE for a limited time*** Can you think quicker than others? Do you feel your reaction/memory/concentration are getting worse? Want to keep your mind sharp, but don’t know how? Just looking for the coolest time killer? We know what you need! Next Numbers 2 is a fun brain game training concentration, reaction, memory, speed, focus and attention. Use this entertaining numbers game to increase brain searching skills and quicken your mind. By training with this app for just a few minutes a day, you will be able to improve your reaction and memory significantly. See for yourself and be careful… this reaction app is EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE!!! Next Numbers 2 is a great choice whether you want just to kill time with fun or intend to improve concentration and reaction. This numbers game is good for kids, adults, boys, girls and everyone who loves cool things. Reaction app - How to play? Tap the numbers in order, one by one, as fast as you can. Not as easy as you may think! Time is limited, the difficulty increases steadily, everything around confuses and misleads you! Don't give up and try to catch bonuses - they assist your gameplay. Game Highlights: - smooth gameplay; - reaction app works offline; - nice sounds; - great design; - 50+ challenging levels (don’t forget to challenge your friends!); - easy to use. “Can’t stop playing” - is about this game. Next Numbers 2 a great concentration app to workout the mind, keep it sharp and focus. ENJOY!

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