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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



***Best of 2016!*** Outland is the app for creating an atmosphere of space journey right in your living-room. Hook up your device to TV or open it up on Apple TV to enjoy the beauty of space. The app plays beautiful videos accompanied with nicely arranged music that makes the experience of space deeper and stronger. 20 timelapse videos featuring: - Butterfly Nebula - Compilation of timelapses from the ISS - Calabash Nebula - Cat's Eye Nebula - Tropical cyclone moving over the Earth - Earth view during the Day and Night - Hubble Space Telescope flying over the surface of the Earth - ISS flying over the surface of the Earth - The lightning over the Earth aboard the ISS. - Winds of Jupiter - Flying around Minkowski's Butterfly Nebula - Watch Earth roll by through the perspective of ESA astronaut - Canary Islands to Italy - Planet Earth is Beautiful - ExoMars 2016 Liftoff - Flying from North Africa over Turkey - Liftoff of Vega carrying LISA Pathfinder - Flying over the English Channel - Sentinel-1B Prepares for Liftoff - A timelapse video by ESA astronaut Tim Peake

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