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Create feeling ~ Use PICFX to edit photo + video with Filters, Tools, FX & Edges. GET STARTED FREE ~ Edit photo + video with 44 Filters ~ Use all adjustment Tools on photo + video ~ Add FX like Grain, Blur and Vignette ~ Place photos in a border with the Edges tool ~ Share your edits with #PICFX for a chance to be featured ADVANCE WITH PREMIUM FILTERS ~ Edit photo + video with 50 Premium Filters including Pro Film, Lifestyle, 90s, Instant Film, Black & White and Disposable Camera. ~ Support PICFX development FULL DESCRIPTION 1/ Filters 44 Free + 50 Premium Filters: Pro Film, Lifestyle, 90s, Instant Film, Black & White, Disposable, Extreme Cool, Extreme Warm, PFX, Modern, Vintage & Classics. 2/ Tools All Tools are accessed in a single screen, making the adjustment process quick; no more navigating back and forth between multiple menus. Tools: Filter Strength, Exposure, Contrast, Vibrance, Sharpen, Highlight Save, Shadow Save. 3/ FX Combine Blur, Grain and vignette FX with Filters for a convincing film edit. FX: Vignette, Blur & Grain. 4/ Edges Edges is the simplest tool for creating colourful photo borders. Border width is set on a slider for pixel perfect custom widths, colour choices are sourced from your photo and we offer various popular canvas ratios: 1:1 (Square), 4:5 (Instagram), 3:4 (iPhone Photo), 2:3 (35mm film), 9:16 (Instagram Story). 5/ Filters, Tools & FX can be layered multiple times with the - / + function. With endless possible combinations available, you're guaranteed to create feeling. 6/ We strive to keep our interface minimal & intuitive by limiting the number of screens and tabs a user must navigate to apply Filters, Tools, Edges & FX to Photo + Video. 7/ Bypass the crop screen by using a double tap rather than a single tap on the photo you wish to edit. ~~~ Thank you for updating to v11! PICFX is developed by a small team of photographers and creators; If you find PICFX valuable please show your support by rating and reviewing PICFX on the App Store. ~~~ If you have any feedback please email us [email protected] or DM @PICFX on Instagram.

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