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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



A game filled with fun, strategies, relaxation and challenge. Cute scenes and battle experiences of the neo-generation, no matter you are a rookie or master of tower defense game, play in Running Minions for an extraordinary experience! Design your defense and employ correct strategies to annihilate the incoming Minions! [Gameplay] 1) Design turret defense to frustrate the invasion of Minions and collect gold. 2) Fuse and upgrade turrets while adopting suitable strategies to fight against different types of enemy units. 3) Defeat the more powerful BOSS to unlock more advanced weapons and techs. 4) Even if you exited the game, your turrets would still be guarding your home and collecting gold. Don’t forget to come back and upgrade them. [Traits] 1) Idle game and infinite upgrade Play the game without too many manual operations, and the battels for tower defense can be done by fusing and upgrading your turrets. Clear thousands of stages to upgrade turrets and fight against more powerful enemies. 2) Diverse strategies and flexible matching Use a wide range of turrets (machine gun, sniping, solenoid coil, plague, freezing, N-bomb and other models with stunning effects) Faced with different enemy units of different traits, you must customize tactics for each one of them, or your defense would be compromised. 3) Themes Unlock the unique scenes of different maps (island, forest, desert, and many others to be seen in each theme). 4) A super fancy tech system that tremendously boosts your power. About the subscription 1) Players could subscribe the in-game Perks Pack at a price of $2.99 for 7 days and $9.99 for 30 days. 2) Players who subscribed the Perks Pack could receive the following Perks: A. Receive 200 Gems per day. B. Chest Card +3. C. Offline Reward X5. D. Permanent Auto Fusion. E. Free Gem Limit +3. 3) The subscription renewal would be automatically done with fees deduction unless players cancel the automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the subscription expires. The renewal sticks to the original rate. 4) After making purchases, players could switch off automatic renewal in subscription management of account setting. 5) Privacy policy and statement. 6)Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

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