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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



Sleepfulness helps you to relax, fall asleep easier and improve the quality of your sleep. It is the only mindfulness meditation app focused on helping people sleep better. With over 3.5 hours of guided sleep meditations you can improve your sleep while learning how to meditate. This mindful sleep app also provides detailed information on the mindfulness techniques you have tried, enabling you understand what works best for you. Tracks are designed to be listened at four different times of your day: Going To Sleep, when you Can't Sleep during the night, Waking Up & Daytime. All of the tracks focus on improving the quality of your sleep, and therefore the quality of your day. From the makers of no.1 meditation app Buddhify. * SUMMARY of App Contents * - 10 free Guided Sleep Meditations focused on relaxation - listen with or without meditation music - 4 Guided Sleep Meditation Packs focusing on Stress, Anxiety & Worry, Pain, and Brightness (in-app purchase) - Sleep insights and tips - Cards providing more information on each meditation technique used - App automatically changes recommended track depending on time of day (Going to Sleep, Can’t Sleep, Waking Up and Daytime). ABOUT the GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATIONS - All the Meditations use Mindfulness Meditation techniques to help you deal with the issues that are stopping you from sleeping well - Free guided sleep meditation tracks focus on relaxation - A gentle and soothing female voice guides all the meditation tracks - Meditation music can be added to end of each track - Guided Sleep Meditation tracks vary from 6 minutes to 24 minutes long ABOUT the SLEEP MEDITATION PACKS (in-app purchase) - 4 packs are available: Stress, Anxiety, Pain and Brightness. - Each pack contains 4 tracks for the four timezones (Going to Sleep, Can’t Sleep, Waking Up and Daytime) - 3 packs focus on working on a specific need that is keeping you from sleeping: Stress, Anxiety & Worry, and Pain - 1 pack focuses on creating more Brightness in your life.

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