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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Solar Walk Lite is an astronomical app that turns your device into an interactive planetarium with a wonderful 3D model of our Solar system. Take a trip to outer space and explore the immense scale of the Universe we live in. Lite version of the well-known space app Solar Walk is absolutely free and contains all the main characteristics and objects of our Solar system. - Absolutely free: no In-App Purchases - Small in size - No Internet connection required - Easy to use - Stunning graphics and visuals What Users say: "Excellent! First-rate tour of the Solar neighborhood. Don't miss!" - by Hamlet "I'm fall in love with this app. I love it! Thanks a lot." - by Béymar Háenz "The best app ever." - by Andrei Satova "Great app..It is a must have if you are interested in exploring what is outside Earth frontiers." - by Joe Rivers Main Features: ● Interactive 3D model of the Solar system. Enjoy amazing space view with real-time positions of all celestial bodies. ● Every celestial body is accompanied by its internal structure, extensive information, interesting facts, and gallery with real photos taken by telescopes or NASA spacecraft. ● Orrery Mode on/off allows you to see the schematic or realistic sizes and distances between the solar system objects. ● Anaglyph 3D on/off. If you have anaglyph 3D glasses you can activate this option to navigate through the Solar system and enjoy the beauty of space realms in 3D. ● Zoom-in to see objects in close up and zoom-out to see the position of our Solar system in galaxy. All 3D models presented in the app are based on scientific data collected by ESA and NASA spacecraft and ground-based telescopes. Solar Walk Lite offers you: - Pocket planetarium - 3D model of our Solar system - Interactive space encyclopedia - Exciting way to learn about the Solar system for kids and adults - Virtual flights through the Universe - Fantastic view of our Milky Way galaxy Get a little closer to our wonderful Universe!

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