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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



StillShot can help you create high quality photos from any video on your iPhone. StillShot can be found useful when objects are on the move and it is hard to catch the moment or when a video was already taken instead of a still photo. With StillShot users can create a full resolution photo from video files by loading the video and analyzing the frames one by one, letting the user to choose the best frame. The app can extract frames from any video, with no special requirements. StillShot holds the original resolution of the video, e.g., on iPhone 4s the resolution is 1080p (1920*1080px). StillShot is very easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. Video demo can be seen here: StillShot was made by the same team that made GroupShot iPhone app. More info can be found here:

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