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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



Stretch - A continuous period of time. Stretch is a count down timer. It's designed to be to as simple as possible. It comes with five large buttons, each of which starts a preset count down timer, and a large reset button to stop the count down should you wish. It also keeps a count of how many times the count down has been run. Stretch is useful for lots of things. Here's a quick list of things you might time with Stretch: - Stretching! - Exercising - Rest periods - Boiling eggs - Steeping tea - Brewing coffee - Naughty corner Stretch timers will run in the background and while your device is locked and the alerts will mix nicely with other audio if it's playing. There are options to disable the auto-lock, and to repeat timers indefinitely. Instructions: - Timer durations can be edited by tapping and holding a button until the editor opens. - The count can be reset by tapping it.

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