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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



When creepy monsters start arriving through interdimensional portals you are left with one option - roll up your sleeves and get your fists ready. Break skeleton bones, punch out zombie brains and enjoy a fresh shower of teeth, debris and fire as you detonate bombs or go crazy with your iron fists. Only you can save the world by collecting all the Anti-Portal Crystals and destroy the portals once and for all. MONSTERS EVERYWHERE, INFINITE. Some monsters are easy to kill, some are way harder and some even try to avoid your punches! Stay on your fingers, be ready and see how long you can survive! COLLECT EXOTIC POWER-UPS AND WEAPONS. When things heat up, use the Slowmo-snail to cool things down, smash monsters with your iron fists, launch deadly drones or just explode everything for a short moment of peace and quiet. WATCH OUT FOR SNEAKY TRAPS. Don't just tap on everything that comes at you. You might get poisoned, electroshocked, dizzy or activate the horrible Superspeed snail. GREAT ARTWORK, MUSIC AND ATMOSPHERE. Intense visual effects, creative and cartoonish artwork and a fantastic soundtrack specificly composed for Tap or Cry. This game has a creepy, fun and arcadish atmosphere. PLAY ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME. No WiFi connection? Don't worry - Tap or Cry also works without WiFi. CREATED BY ONE GUY. That's me, Kenni. A solo game developer, living in Copenhagen. If you enjoy the game, please consider supporting it. Share it with your friends, purchase the ad-free version or just play it a lot. It all helps. Want to know more about my games and what I'm up to? Visit my website @, follow me on social media or sign up for my newsletter. Thanks for playing Tap or Cry and hope to see you around!

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