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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Approved and used by Mike Mangini (Dream Theater, Drummer of the Year*), Tempo Advance is the metronome app to bring your musicianship to the next level. Now our exclusive consultant, Mike has been using Tempo Advance since its inception four years ago as a practice tool and an invaluable companion for his Rhythm Knowledge drumming system. The new Polyrhythm Mode enables concurrent playback of two meters with different beats per measure, synced on the bar. Find out what any combination of up to 20 beats per measure sounds like. Retaining the hyper-accurate audio engine from our bestselling Tempo, the UI on Tempo Advance has been rethought to focus on the metronome visual cues. Auto setlist advancement, accelerando, ritardando and playback tracking makes it possible for you to program count-ins or complex songs with varying tempo, time signatures and rhythms. Visit for demo videos. *As voted in the 2013 Drummies! Awards held by DRUM! Magazine Time Signatures • In Subdivide Mode, up to 20 beats per measure and 20 subdivisions per beat • In Polyrhythm Mode, up to 20 beats per measure on either channel • Adjust with gestures with delightful animations or select directly Rhythm Patterns • Configure every beat and subdivision to one of 4 states: Accent 1, Accent 2, Regular, Silent • Choose from 15 sound sets, including Voice Count and one tuned for live drumming • Assign any sound and vibration state (iPhone only) to each of the tick states • Set individual volumes for each of the tick states • Separate settings for 2nd channel in Polyrhythm Mode Tempo • Ranges from 10 to 800 BPM • Four ways to edit tempo: gestures, tap tempo, adjustment buttons and direct input • Beat interval and frequency display Tracker and Automator • Keep track of number of measures played or time passed • Option to stop metronome and/or reset Tracker automatically when limit reached • Automatic adjustment of tempo by X BPM every X bars or X amount of time Presets • Store time signatures and rhythm patterns in unlimited preset buttons • Drag presets to reorder them or select them for deletion Setlists • Store tempo, meter, rhythm pattern, sound, Tracker and Automator settings in songs organized into setlists • Full editing of saved songs • Advanced management including search, multi-row deletion and duplication of songs to same or other setlist • Turn on auto setlist advance for hands free operation, or program complex songs • Loop setlist • Share and import individual setlists via email • Backup setlist data via iTunes File Sharing Audio • Mute switch • Playback over audio from other apps, when screen is locked and when app is in background • Separate volume control for metronome • Pan anywhere from extreme left to extreme right Themes • Select from 5 default themes, or create your own • Switch between flat and skeuomorphic styles • Intuitive Theme Editor shows your changes in realtime • Texturize the center panel with a variety of 25 patterns • Share and import themes via email Miscellaneous • Resizeable Presets/Setlist panel • Take control with Bluetooth foot pedals and the iPhone’s proximity sensor • Built-in Tutorial section • Option to flash display on first or every beat • Reference tones for all 12 chromatic notes, calibrate from A = 414 to 466 Hz

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