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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



The Transmutation App improves your state of health and well being by assisting you to transform your negative thoughts that arise throughout the day. It is important to break the habit of dropping into defeatist thoughts and attitudes and learn how to stop yourself from entering into a negative loop that blocks you from achieving your desired outcomes. The Transmutation App helps to shift the way you think throughout the day and will help to uplift you during challenging times. You are not denying any feelings you are experiencing. Rather it is a process of rephrasing your thoughts to change your train of thought which will lead you to a positive outcome. You can program the app for the interval of when you would like to receive an alert of bells, a Tibetan bowl, or chimes being played. When you hear the alert you will read the message that asks you to reflect on: "What are you thinking about right now?" Your thoughts and words are seeds that when planted into your inner garden will grow into plants that do impact your life. It is important to cultivate a deep and rich inner garden to create true joy and health in your life.  Once you receive the alert go into the Library and tap on the category “word”, “phrase”, “blessing”, or “photo”. A word, phrase, blessing, or photo will appear that will inspire you to stop your current thinking and transmute/transform any negative thinking into positive thoughts. This will also help to shift your attitude and even create an inner smile. You can use the words, phrases, blessings, or photos provided. Or you can upload your own. The result will be that you will experience feeling more uplifted. In this way you feed yourself with love and light. This will improve your life, giving you more energy, and help you to be more creative in your life and in your work. You will be able to radiate love and light towards yourself, your loved ones, friends, co-workers, and into the world.

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