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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



***Rated #6 App in the Music Category in April '13*** Voice Loop is an A-B repeat type voice recorder that allows you to record unlimited audio tracks and loop them together. Record tracks with a given tempo and number of measures to sync the loops perfectly, or just record tracks with any length. A visual and auditory metronome helps sync tracks. Play multiple tracks at a time, all at once, or one at a time by simply tapping on the recorded file or clicking play to play all tracks. Voice Loop gives you controls to easily navigate through the recorded files, delete any tracks, or record new tracks while playing previously recorded tracks. Click 'Merge Tracks' to compile the recorded tracks into one file. All tracks and compilations will save to your phone until you delete them, and you can email tracks from the app. Voice Loop features: - record tracks with a fixed limit or unlimited length - specify length or number of measures for the track - visual and audio metronome help sync tracks perfectly - custom tempo for the measures and metronome - visual VU meter to see microphone power input - option to begin playback at the start of recording - loop each track infinitely or choose a number of loops - choose between playing audio through the speaker or the earpiece of the iPhone - tracks and compilations save to your phone permanently until you delete them - record new tracks while listening to playback - beautiful retina graphics - easily navigate through tracks and control playback of multiple tracks at once - move files around to organize tracks - share tracks via email from within the app - rename files to better organize compilation - bluetooth support

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