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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Solve crosswords and design the mansion in this memorable word story together with Emma! Help her to renovate her Grandpa’s beautiful old mansion. You design the interior and exterior of the house by fixing what’s already there, choosing various objects, and so much more. In order for the story to progress, you will need to solve crossword puzzles. Beat and complete these crossword levels to unlock new chapters in the story, new rooms to renovate and a few hidden mysteries left from her Grandpa! Adventures are around every turn, including a little bit of romance. The game features all sorts of excitement: • A new type of word genre: Solve word puzzles to help Emma renovate the old mansion. • Interior design: Create your dream house, you decide how it will look! • Exciting crosswords: This game really needs a true word puzzle master, are you the one? • Fun characters: Meet Pizza David, Handyman Bob and more. Is it possibly some romance going on between Emma and David… • A cute pet: Meet the cute dog Max and see what adventures he brings. The old mansion is in desperate need of a makeover. Emma can’t do it alone. You can show off your decorating skills by choosing various components for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, garden, and more. Maximize the fun by being in control of all of the design decisions. You’ll get to pick and choose many of the new items that go into the house, ensuring that you have a say on the final appearance. As soon as you solve your first crossword puzzle, you are on your way helping Emma fix up the old mansion and make it to your dream house! Learn more about the game on Facebook: Questions? Contact our support team by sending an email to [email protected]

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