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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



yaleD is a dedicated reverse delay audio effect, with full support as an Audio Unit (AUv3) plugin extension. Please note that while it works as a standalone app, it is designed to be used from other host audio apps such as GarageBand, AUM, Audiobus 3, Cubasis, etc! A reverse delay effect continuously listens then plays back reversed chunks of the audio input depending on the delay time, feedback and filtering settings. Can be used for both obvious or subtle effects depending on the setup. Since a reverse delay is sensitive to positional sync as well as delay time, the reversals are appropriately synced to the host transport timeline when playing back and using the beat-based delay time. Or the Hold Time button can be used to both sync and set the delay time manually by pressing and releasing it at the appropriate time. - Complete control over input gain, and independent wet and dry output levels. - Feedback with cross-pan and both low-pass and high-pass filtering. - Two available repeat behaviors when using feedback: one keeps all repeats reversed, while the other alternates each repeat reversed then forwards. - Delay time specified either in milliseconds, or as beats (with 1/16th note resolution) synced to host tempo. You can also specify the maximum delay time (up to 20 seconds!) in the settings to control the per-instance memory usage. - Can apply a delay time scaling offset to the second channel for interesting stereo effects. - Optional Tape effect when changing delay time. - One-Shot mode for doing triggered records and single reverse playback. Great for playing a solo in and reversing just what you want to hear. The hold/record and replay buttons can be controlled with MIDI bindings. - All parameters are exposed to the AU host so that you can apply automation or MIDI bindings from the host - Easy to use resizable plugin interface optimized for host apps on both iPhones and iPads. Made for fingers!

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