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FSX TrapTracker, Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System, is developed for authorized owners of FSX DPF cleaning equipment such as FSX TrapBlaster. When you purchased your FSX DPF cleaning equipment you were provided with a FSX Sales Order Number which you will need once you download FSX TrapTracker. Please ensure FSX has authorized your Sales Order Number to use FSX TrapTracker and you may proceed to use the software as intended after download. Follow the in-app instructions to verify your FSX Sales Order Number as being valid for use with FSX TrapTracker and that it is for FSX's DPF cleaning equipment. FSX TrapTracker is now deployed throughout the United States and in Canada. FSX TrapTracker reviews...... “This is awesome. Perfect.” "Genius." "A must have." “It’s a great tool.” “Even better with the pressure ranges on the worksheet.” “Really pretty slick. I really like that thing. Easy to monitor.” “Perfect. You guys are going to make our lives easier.” “Adds value to our organization.” "Can't skip over DPF cleaning steps." “This is easy to use and better than the paper form because we get the paper forms dirty and messy, can't read it, and we have to do it over." "Easy to print the FSX Cleaning Worksheet from the iPAD and email to office. Really nice!" FSX TrapTracker is free to download and it is free to register with FSX Equipment. You may request authorization directly through the FSX TrapTracker downloaded app. FSX TrapTracker will download and install quickly on any sized iPAD for registration. The fully activated FSX TrapTracker system is designed to look and run perfectly on a 9.7" iPAD device running IOS 11.0 or higher and FSX TrapTracker is a perfect accompaniment to FSX's DPF cleaning equipment like the FSX TrapBlaster, TrapBurner and TrapTester. FSX TrapTracker, Diesel Particulate Filter Tracking System, helps extend the life of DPFs using an automated cleaning guide, Pete Trap. This means more precise DPF cleanings every time, reduced production downtime, and confidence that future DPF maintenances can easily be scheduled based upon real time DPF cleanings. FSX TrapTracker sports a built-in database of FSX certified DPF part numbers, filter dimensions, and pressure ranges. DPF technicians love this quick fingertip accessible smart tool. The DPF part number database of pressure ranges is automatically updated with software updates and releases. FSX TrapTracker will allow you to add a new part number to the FSX TrapTracker system if you don't find that part number in the system. Then FSX will periodically certify these new part numbers and automatically update them in the FSX TrapTracker's part number database for future ease of use. FSX TrapTracker is trusted by Inland-Kenworth in San Diego, Los Angeles, Fontana, Carson California. FSX TrapTracker is successfully deployed and used deep inside a Montana mine at SibanyeStillwater. FSX TrapTracker always welcome new users. Don't wait. Download and get started cleaning your DPF today with FSX TrapTracker. A clean DPF equals a happy DPF owner.

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