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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



iFretless Bass is a professional virtual instrument that provides bass and guitar players with an expressive fretless playing surface. The layout is like an eight string bass guitar with the notes colored black and white like the keys of a piano. Although it looks different from a guitar neck, bass players will find it surprisingly easy to use. The app's ability to measure the force of touches on the screen allows it to respond to dynamics and accented notes with a wide range of different tones for each instrument. FEATURES 1) 13 deeply sampled bass sounds 2) MIDI input and output 3) Audio Unit 3 support 4) Audiobus support 5) Parametric Equalizer 6) MPE multi-channel MIDI support 7) Accurate touch force sensing, even on devices that don't support 3D touch BASS SOUNDS 1) Fretless bass 2) Slap bass 3) Jazz bass 4) Acoustic upright bass 5) Pick bass 6) Muted Pick Bass 7) Hard Fingerstyle Bass 8) Electric upright bass 9) Saw wave analog synth bass 10) Chameleon synth bass 11) Snarling synth bass 12) FM synth bass 13) Wonder synth bass

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