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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



This is the app for guitar, bass, and strings players who need realistic woodwind instrument sounds for recording or live performance. iFretless responds naturally to the the finger movements strings players use for vibrato and sliding between pitches. Using those techniques, the app gives a more believable, natural imitation of woodwind sounds than traditional keyboard based synth interfaces. It also supports midi input from EWI MIDI controller devices and keyboard MIDI controllers. SOUNDS IN THE APP 1. Tenor Sax 2. Alto Sax 3. Bari Sax 4. Soprano sax 5. Clarinet 6. Bass Clarinet 7. Synth lead FEATURES 1) Dynamic volume control based on touch force. (Yes, this really does work.) 2) MIDI (in and out) 3) Audio Unit v3 support 4) Audiobus

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