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Jul, 2020



Velocity Keyboard is a powerful velocity-sensitive MPE compatible MIDI controller. FEATURES - unique velocity sensing algorithm that tracks touch force like no other app - Four interface layouts: Keyboard, String, Scale, and Drum Pad - runs as an Audio Unit or as a standalone app - 8 simultaneous sources of MIDI CC parameter control: touch area, touch force (on devices that support 3D Touch), touch Y-coordinate, velocity to CC and up to four MIDI CC control knobs - smooth MIDI pitch bending between notes in both string and keyboard layouts - highlight custom scales in any key - dedicated MIDI modes for maximum flexibility when controlling non-MPE compatible synthesizers - pitch bend correction algorithm plays more in-tune with more freedom of expression when bending between notes (compared to similar MIDI controller apps) - can output velocity as a MIDI CC or aftertouch message to better support synths that aren't designed with velocity sensing in mind What does this app do differently from our iFretless apps? - It uses much less RAM because it doesn't load any audio samples - It has MIDI aftertouch controls, so changes in touch pressure and location that occur after after the start of a note can control MIDI CC parameters - It supports highlighting notes in custom scales - It has piano keyboard, scale, and drum pad layout options - It has updated velocity sensing and pitch correction algorithms - It has better visibility, making it feel more playable on smaller screens, or with a larger number of rows and columns

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