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Dec, 2019


Dec, 2019



RemoteAlarm Pro is an easy to use yet powerful application which allows you to remotely control your Burglar Alarm System provided that GSM Protocol is supported. If you can remotely control your Home or Office System through SMS then this application might be for you. If for example you are currently sending an SMS to your system with the message "ARM 9999", then you can create a single button that will do this by a single tap. RemoteAlarm Pro will allow you to create an unlimited number of buttons on its main screen. With a single tap you will be able to Lock, Unlock, Check Status or perform whatever action is supported by your system. No need to remember any commands or PIN number for each system anymore! Each button can be programmed to dispatch an SMS with a predefined number and command which is required by your Alarm System. Features: - Add, Edit, Delete your own buttons and choose an icon from our predefined button gallery. - For each button you can configure the destination number and the command (string) to be sent. - Pro version allows you to add an unlimited number of buttons. Burglar Alarm Vendors may have different commands so please consult your system's manual for all available options. Kindly notice that in case your iDevice is stolen, somebody may be able to disable your security system. In this case make sure to change your system's PIN code immediately to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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