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May, 2020



ALL YOUR GOLF IN YOUR IPHONE The whole-in-one app for golf 60 SIDE GAMES TO PLAY ON THE ROUND INCLUDING THE MOST POPULAR AND MANY OTHER FUNNY GAMES. NO OTHER APP OFFERS YOU THIS POSSIBILITY. The only app that fits your needs. Without suscriptions or registrations. No need to connect to any web. All your data and statistics stay with you. You can use it to: 
• Track your rounds as detailed as you want. 
• Play side games, set up bets and see who wins 
• Get lots of statistics of your game 
• Map views and distance calculator 
• Share your rounds with facebook, twitter & dropbox THE SMART SCORECARD Track your rounds your way On each round and for each player you can enter the information as detailed as you want. The more information you enter, the richer statistics you will get, but is up to you. Flexible and suitable for everybody. You can enter: 
• Just strokes 
• Strokes, putts and penalties 
• Shot details 
• Shots on the hole map Medal Play, Stableford, Modified Stableford and Modified Stableford PGA. With or without handicap. Intuitive keyboard: three taps and you have most of the information needed. 
 Automatic handicap calculator for a course, considering player category, course rating and side game rules. 

 THE LARGEST LIST OF SIDE GAMES AND BETS Challenge your friends Play multiple side games in the same round. Play singles or teams. With or without handicap. Select them from a growing list of 50 side games: • Match Play • Foursomes, Greensomes, Four Ball • Nassau, Skins, Chicago, Best & Worst Ball • Defender, Las Vegas, Daytona • Acey Ducey, Nines, Three Little Pigs • Round Robin, Bingo Bango Bongo • and many more... ALL KIND OF STATISTICS Analyse and improve your game Lots of statistics of your game that provide you detailed information about each aspect of your game: • Charts of your scores and main statistics • Detailed statistics by round • Fairways, Left,Right, GIR, Putts, Putts in GIR • Sand saves, Scrambling, Up & Down, Chips In • Statistics by course, hole and par • Shot accuracy by club and type of shot MAPS & DISTANCES GPS localization Get maps of the holes. Zoom on them to see the details. Find the distance of any place to your position, your last shot or the tee box. Enter your shots directly on the map and have a nice view of your game. 

Course editor: add courses in minutes from the minimum information to fully detailed. 

 AND MUCH MORE... • Support of the main Handicap Systems: USGA, CONGU, EGA, RCGA, AGU & SAGA. • Integration with Facebook, twitter and dropbox. • Make and restore back ups of all your data: players, courses, rounds and statistics. • Export, import and share courses. Request us a course and we will submit it to you. • Happy birds, your birdies, eagles and, why not, albatross. Best rounds and Dream round. SIDE GAMES INCLUDED  
• Match Play Singles  
• Four Ball  
• Four Ball Match Play  
• Foursomes  
• Foursomes Match Play  
• Greensomes  
• Greensomes Match Play  
• Skins • Skins no Carryover  
• Best & Worst ball  
• Best & Worst ball + Birdie  
• Nassau singles, including presses  
• Nassau teams, including presses  
• Chicago 

• Four-Point 

• Defender 

• Nines 

• Twelves 

• Las Vegas 

• Daytona 

• Three Little Pigs 

• The Train 

• Rabbit 

• Beat the Worst 

• Acey Ducey  
• English  
• Umbrella  
• System 36  
• Flags  
• Snake  
• Three Blind Mice  
• Medal Match Play  
• Best at Something  
• Aggregate • Aggregate Match Play  
• Round Robin (Four Ball) 
• Round Robin (Four Ball Match Play)  
• Round Robin (Best & Worst Ball)  
• Round Robin (Best & Worst Ball + Birdie)  
• Round Robin (Four Point) • Round Robin (Aggregate) • Round Robin (Aggregate Match Play) • Better-Aggregate  
• 6-Points Match 
 • Bingo Bango Bongo 
 • Criss Cross singles 
• Criss Cross teams 
 • Russian Stableford • Ghost • Lagging • Perfecto • Two Women Team • Match Play Out/In/Total • 16 Points • Chairman • Jackpots

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