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Dec, 2022



iPeng Party is your Party Remote for the Logitech® Squeezebox™. As a guest, it allows you to participate in the music choice at the party and to see what’s playing and what’s coming up. You have access to all the music your party host has available and you can even bring in online music sources as they are accessible. As a host, it lets you give your guests the chance to influence the choice of music on your party without giving away full control. No more troublemakers changing the volume or deleting the playlist, replacing it with all of their own choices, but still a chance to let your guests be heard and drive the direction of the party. To learn more about how to use and set up iPeng Party, please visit iPeng Party requires your host to use a Logitech Squeezebox or compatible hard- or software player, and you need access to the party’s WiFi network to use it.

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