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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



حمّل تطبيق السفر الحاصل على أعلى تقييم وانضم للآلاف من الأشخاص الذين يحصلون على عروض الفنادق والشقق وبيوت العطلات لرحلاتهم. ابحث عن إقامة لإجازتك أو عطلة نهاية الأسبوع أو رحلة عملك في أي مكان في العالم! ابحث عن الفنادق والشقق وبيوت العطلات • 27 مليون فندق وبيت عطلات وشقة وغيرها من الأماكن المميزة للإقامة • ابحث باستخدام اسم المدينة أو المعلم السياحي أو اسم الفندق بضغطة زر واحدة فقط • تصفية النتائج حسب السعر ونقاط التقييم ووسائل الراحة، وكل الأمور الأخرى المهمة بالنسبة لك • احجز إقامة في اللحظة الأخيرة أو قبل فترة طويلة مقدماً احصل على عرض رائع لرحلتك • عروض يومية تناسب كل ميزانية • إلغاء مجاني على معظم الغرف • تصفح أكثر من 135 مليون تقييم موثوق من الضيوف قم بإدارة حجزك في أي وقت • احصل على تأكيد الحجز بدون طباعة أي أوراق • يمكنك إجراء التغييرات في أي وقت ومن أي مكان • خدمة عملاء متوفرة على مدار الساعة بأكثر من 40 لغة • تواصل مع مضيفك واستعرض مواعيد تسجيل الوصول واكتب تقييماتك الخاصة • لا رسوم على الحجز أو بطاقة الائتمان

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Worst app
relgharably on 2023-02-02
This was my worst travel experience ever. We arrived at the apartment building a little after 6 and it was raining heavily. We were soaking wet and felt relief when we reached the building but it didn’t last long. We tried the intercom but no one answered and there is no reception coz it is a normal resident building not a hotel. We called the number of the apartment owner and he didn’t answer. We didn’t have a Turkish number so we were using our Egyptian numbers. After trying to contact him multiple times, we reached out to and we had the worst customer experience of our lives. In the first call, the customer service told us she will contact the owner and come back to us. She never did. We reached out again to and this time they succeeded in contacting the owner. He sent us an email with the pin code for the keylock but it didn’t work. We called again. They tried to reach the owner again but he didn’t answer again. We went back and forth with for 2 hours till we decided to give up on the apartment as it was late, we were cold, hungry and miserable. We asked the customer support to help us book a hotel room for the night and we wanted to wait till the next day so we could pick a place for the rest of our two-week stay. The first customer service employee sent us a room with 6.5 rating and the cleanliness was 5 and insisted on booking the two weeks. She told us to take a loot at the room and she will call us in ten minutes to know our reply. After 15 minutes, no one called so we decided to call again. It was 9 o'clock already so we were standing in the rain for around 3 hours, our clothes were wet and we just wanted to go anywhere for the night. We asked the fifth customer service employee of the night for the 3rd time to book us a room for just the night. She told us she cannot do it for us and we have to do it ourselves. We said we cannot as we don’t have internet connection. She said it is’s policy. We agreed to go search for a sim card so we can connect to the internet. We asked in the street about a shop that we can buy a sim card from and someone directed us to a hotel. The hotel receptionist said they ran out of sim cards but they agreed to let us use their internet. We looked at the hotel’s employee sent us and we got an error that we cannot book any room inside of Turkey. We asked in the hotel if there is a room for 3 and sadly there wasn’t so we had to contact booking again. While we were waiting for to reply to us, two people came to the apartment building and it seems like the owner booked it for someone else and they had a pin code different from the one he had given us. Why the shady behavior, I don’t know, they could’ve paid more and he is just a very indecent person but hey, there are other apartments in Turkey, I would advise you to go somewhere else. Again, didn’t answer us and we had to call again and then the fifth employee of the night told us that he couldn’t book us a room, he cannot do it and we have to do it ourselves and will pay a difference in the room price up to 25 dollars. We were extremely disappointed by then and the employee was completely unhelpful and the 25 dollars seemed like a terrible idea for compensation. We asked him to book the room as it is getting very late and we are three women alone and we have no idea where we will spend our night. We already tried to book a room and didn’t succeed bec. We cannot book a room in Turkey from Turkey, the website itself won’t allow us. The customer service employee insisted that he cannot do that and instead he called a hotel and made sure that there is a room free for us and we just need to confirm with them with a phone call. We called the hotel that he recommended and they told us the room is for 300 euros. The room on was 70 euros. We spent over 50 euros on phone calls and they were less than useless. At this point we decided to take an expensive room at one of the hotels in the area which had terrible hygiene and it was a miserable ending for such a miserable day. I googled reviews trying to understand the terrible treatment we had and I found out that it has only a 1.2 score on trustpilot. I think it is kinda my mistake and I will never be using again. Take your money somewhere else. If it is possible I would’ve given the apartment -10 and -100 score for the abysmal treatment we had.
Best hotel in Safaga
Yonis and Moni on 2023-02-02
It is my first time in your hotel and definitely it won’t be the last Everything was more than perfect The food was tasty and delicious The Aqua was perfect and clean and suitable for all ages The sea was wonderful The room was so clean and big All the staff was friendly and helpful always seeking your satisfaction Really thank you Baby Younis
The worst application ever don’t use it
haadaw on 2023-02-02
Very very bad application & all of the information about the hotels is misleading & the customer service gives u a zero % help
So clean and organised place and the owner is so kind 🥰
Mo2men deeboo on 2023-02-02
It was amazing and there was everything ready and clean inside , the owner is so generous, i really loved the place vibe
Ms sara
srsr2003 on 2023-02-02
Amazing deals and offers .easy to book and honestly
Super service
Mkotbi on 2023-02-02
Thanks for being available to help booking our hotels
Booking is my favorite
Cosmos1967 on 2023-02-02
Easy to use , better offers , great support
AMALHAZEM on 2023-02-02
A really very nice place enjoyed my stay💕
Best services
Kottelgabbar on 2023-02-02
It is really best services evet
ابوالسماسم on 2023-02-02
لا يتم فتح التطبيق من الايفون

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