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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Welcome to the new official McDonald’s app. The app is filled with great offers specially tailored to you. Deals and discounts appear regularly so check back often to see what’s new. The news section keeps you up to date with everything that’s going on in McDonald’s near you. Look here for new games and competitions. The nutrition section provides information on our entire menu. We provide allergy advice and nutritional information on everything from the Big Mac to a single dip! Use our restaurant finder to find your nearest McDonald’s. Filter your search based on opening hours, facilities and get directions from wherever you are.

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Not up to expectations
ElYouno on 2023-02-01
I’ve been using Egypt’s Mcdelivery app for years, then recently they changed it to this app. Well, i thought it would be an upgrade, yet i am disappointed by whoever developed or approved the release of such a version. Please check the last app. We were using in Egypt and compar the user experience to the current app. To understand (app. Response time, font, easiness, etc..). The 2 star rating is only for the reward point sustem which was missing from the old app.
Very bad
reham ayman on 2023-02-01
Very bad and I don't recommend using it, bad service that doesn't match the global McDonald's name. Finally, I found out that ordering from McDonald's or any international restaurant that is not in the place where I grew up is, unfortunately, disastrous.
ksdkenfhcjtnrkxksb on 2023-02-01
There is a bug in the app , whenever i try singing in to the app it always tells me that the password or email are incorrect , no matter how many times i rest the password still doesn't sign in , WHAT IN HELL IS THIS DUMB APP
Useless for non Arabic speakers
Anna Moustafa on 2023-02-01
Absolutely useless and inconvenient! Impossible to add ur address , copy-paste address in Arabic and nothing! Shocking that it has English interface but no option to type address wz Eng letters
Bad app
Emy.192 on 2023-02-01
بعد ما غيرت الموبايل الايفون الابلكيشن مش عايز يفتح و بيجي ان في مشكلة مع انه بيشتغل علي اجهزه اخري بصراحة حاجة سيئه جداا
The slowest deliveries are through the app
sara.eissa on 2023-02-01
Wrong orders- missing items- slowest delivery - no purpose app
Useless App
Azimos78 on 2023-02-01
After creating account App is not able to add new address !!!!
Worst app in the store
egybit on 2023-02-01
It’s very slow and 90% of the time gives stupid errors,
serapy69 on 2023-02-01
خطوة تسجيل العنوان لا تعمل بشكل جيد

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