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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



Memong is a balloon that loves memos. Memong create cute stickers and memo papers optimized for memo. You might be feel more precious every day with memong by use functional memo paper. There are Daily plan, Weekly plan, Expense log, Wish list, To-do list, Diet plan, Basic memo paper and Basic note. Feel the pleasure of memo on your phone with Memong! :D # Features of Memong - There are 12 functional memo paper. - You can create folders and organize your memos. - You can change the text color and use bold and highlighter effects. - You can decorate with about 600 stickers as well as photos on the memo. - Pin it important memo at the top. - Supports iCloud backup function. - Supports Search, Widget, iPad Version # Memong Stationery Store ou can purchase additional items below at Store! - Monthly Plan, Study Plan, Daily Plan, Monthly Tracker Memo Set - A set of simple memo papers with a title - Flower, fruit and ribbon stickers * If you have the any suggestion or idea, Please report to [email protected]! Memong waits for your comments at any time.

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