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May, 2020


May, 2020



Over the time we have a lot invitations and sooner or later, we don’t remember who was when invited, together with whom and most important, what was served. With this app, you con easily manage your invitations. Create the course/meal you served and attach persons to your event. Also mark each person as invited, confirmed or declined. The app will help you to get a list of all your invitations, see who was invited and what you served. Than it is very easy to see for a person, when was invited, together with whom and what courses/meals you offered. All this to avoid to offer the same meals again to a person or invite maybe the same persons again to your events. Also you can review all courses/meals so far served and see to whom this was served or will be served in your future events. It was never much easier to handle your invitations and meals and plan your upcoming events in perfection.

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