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Dec, 2019


Dec, 2019



Jasmine is a simple, easy-to-use to-do list app built on not just the goal of simplicity but also visual appeal. The app’s simple design works closely with an eye-refreshing floral look to give you the rest of mind assurance you need while still helping you accomplish your daily tasks. Just by looking at it you’ll feel calm and relaxed. Great for shopping lists, and daily errand organization. Besides, why call them tasks when you can call them petals ;) Features - Design: An app with consumer delight in mind, Jasmine, unlike the competition, is fully clad in an elegant floral design with the text partially blended in to create a sensation unlike in any other to-do app. The design is pre-selected so as to invoke a calming user experience for when faced with stress of daily tasks that just keep piling up. It also makes for a really beautiful shopping list. - Ease of use: As simple as can be. Just type in a petal and check when you’re done or delete when you feel like. Add a petal, swipe right to check, and left to delete. The app’s simple nature is also complemented with a beautiful design to squeeze out all manner of calm.

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