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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



Ludo King™ is board game played between friends, family & kids. * A New Quick Ludo Mode available * A New Mode MASK MODE available * Voice Chat available * 5/6 Players online mode available New live themes available! Now play with new ludo board. Ludo King is the modern version of the royal game of Parchisi, a game played between Indian kings and queens in ancient times. Roll the dice to play and move your tokens to reach the center of the board. Beat the other players to become the Ludo King. Play this dice game Ludo King. Best casual game in board games. Ludo King follows the traditional rules and the old school look of the Ludo game. The game has evolved throughout the centuries to come to your mobile phone. Just like the kings and queens of India’s golden age, your fate depends on the roll of the dice and your strategy of effectively moving the tokens. Ludo has different names in different regions and countries like Fia, Fia-spel (Fia the game), Le Jeu de Dada (The Game of Dada), Non t'arrabbiare, Fia med knuff (Fia with push), Cờ cá ngựa, Uckers, Griniaris, Petits Chevaux (Little Horses), Ki nevet a végén, برسي (Barjis/Barjees). People also misspell Ludo as Loodo, Lido, Lado, Ledo, Leedo, Laado, or Lodo. Ludo's versions are Trouble, Sorry, Aeroplane chess, Chopat, Chaupur, Pachisi or Parcheesi. New Game Themes available: • Christmas Theme • Nature Theme • Egypt Theme • Disco / Night mode Theme • Pinball Theme • Candy Theme • Christmas Theme • Penguin Theme • Battle Theme • Diwali Theme • Pirate Theme • Taj Mahal Theme Features of Ludo King: • No internet connection required! Play against the computer. • Play with your family and friends through Local and Online Multiplayer. • Play with 2 to 6 Players in Local Multiplayer Mode. • Play Online Multiplayer Mode in 9 competing game rooms. • Invite and challenge your Facebook Friends in a Private Game Room and beat them to become Ludo King. • Play with world players and make them your buddies. • Private Chat with your Facebook friends & Buddies. • Express yourself by sending emojis to your opponents. • Play Snake and Ladders on 7 different gameboards. • Simple rules which can be followed by players of all ages. Play the game of Kings with your family and friends. While the gameplay might seem simple at first, the game is immensely enjoyable and challenging. It’s fun for the whole family; You’ll be playing this one for hours. Try to beat your opponents and compete for the highest scores on the leaderboards. How to play Ludo King: The objective of the game is pretty straightforward; each player gets 4 tokens, these tokens must make a full turn of the board and then make it to the finish line. Whoever gets all four tokens to the end first is the winner. However, each move can only be made based on the number decided by casting a six-sided die, and each token can only move out of their home by casting a six. Additionally, the competition factor of the games is upped by the fact that while moving if another player’s token lands on the same square as your token, then your token will automatically be sent back home and you’ll need to roll a six again. Another nostalgic game similar in structure is Snakes and Ladders. Ludo King now incorporates this classic game as a whole new level. The objective of the game is simple: you start on 1 and you have to be the first one to make it to 100. However, you can only move the same number of tiles as the number you roll on a die. As the name suggests, the board is also littered with snakes and ladders. If you land on the same tile as the beginning of a ladder, then you can take the ladder as a shortcut and move on up. But if you land on the mouth of a snake, then down you go to its tail. A game of ups and down, Snakes and Ladders has been a favorite for generations; and now you can play it too, with Ludo King. Ready to roll the dice?! Make your move and become Ludo King.

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kid lggbarhr on 2022-11-29
Je trouve que le jeu, amusant soit-il, effectue du favoritisme en faveur de certains pays. En effet, lorsque les drapeaux européens sont sélectionnés la personne gagne, tandis que lorsque les drapeaux africains sont sélectionnées le joueur perd d’emblée. Pourriez rectifier ce problème ?
Je déteste 😑
Nbouiti2006 on 2022-11-29
Je HAIS ce jeu, c’est hyper calculé et quand ils ont décidé que tu allais perdre l’adversaire aura des combinaisons improbables juste pour que tu perdes ! C’est tellement frustrant que ça en perd tout son charme! Vraiment je déconseille
Grosse entourloupe
Mipaola👯👯 on 2022-11-29
Beaucoup trop de tricherie. C’est incroyable je favoritisme j’ai désinstallé ça sert à rien de jouer pour toujours perdre avec leurs scénarios apocalyptiques à la noix
Jeux pourrit
dzz94 on 2022-11-29
C’est dommage que le jeux donne l’opportunité au gens de tricher c’est flagrant !!! à éviter si vous êtes nerveux mdr
AneGael31 on 2022-11-29
Ce jeux devient très mauvais, Sa triche beaucoup, Ils savent très bien qui vas gagner! Je suprime l’application!
A ne surtout pas télécharger
Ne-pas-télécharger009 on 2022-11-29
Je vous déconseille de le télécharger c’est vraiment du n’importe quoi ce jeux
Jeu truqué
Moz8484 on 2022-11-29
L’impression que tout est fait pour faire gagner les indiens !
Pire jeu !
tzarss on 2022-11-29
Je le déconseille vivement !!!!!
madydiarra3 on 2022-11-29
C’est de triche, je vous déteste
Vous êtes de batard
tourerd223 on 2022-11-29
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