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AliExpress is the go-to online shopping app for everyone, anywhere. All new users enjoy exclusive newcomer deals or gifts! Explore thousands of quality brands and millions of items from fashion, home, health, tech, toys, sports, shoes and more! Plus enjoy FREE SHIPPING on over 75% of items. IMAGE SEARCH Snap a picture of the item you’re looking for or upload a photo to find an exact match or similar items. Easy peasy! INTERACTIVE & FUN GAMES Play mini games such as Fantastic Farm and Coupon Pals to earn greater rewards! PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS Get items and deals recommended specially for you based on your preferences. TOP RANKINGS Explore all top-ranking items based on number of orders, views, adds to cart and more! SECURE PAYMENT METHODS Make safe and seamless transactions with your preferred method - whether by credit card or wire transfer. BUYER PROTECTION All items are covered with Buyer Protection. Get a refund within 15-30 days if the item you received is not as described. OTHER APP HIGHLIGHTS - Daily Flash Deals - Earn multiple coins and coupons - Order management & automatic shipment notifications - Multiple language and currency support - 24/7 Help Centre - More exciting features to come! LEAVE US A NOTE Enjoyed the experience on AliExpress? Tell us what you think - we'd love to hear from you! If you noticed any bugs or would like to request for a feature, drop us a note in the app by tapping 'Account' then 'App Suggestion'.

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A very good site on the whole.
NataschaOlinka on 2023-01-29
Have ordered quite a lot of items on this site now and apart from a couple, I’ve been very happy. Didn’t receive one item but I was refunded for it and the other one I was not so happy about as it appeared the seller had sent the wrong item (I received something random and when I disputed it, the arbitrator deemed that I should only be refunded half the purchase price. It wasn’t an expensive item but it was the principle.) I’ve had some niggles with a couple of other items too but apart from this one, they have always been dealt with fairly and promptly by the sellers. I still order from the site though as apart from the one occasion, I’ve been extremely satisfied.
Love it but.....
Dirty bird.rd on 2023-01-29
I love shopping on this site but they would get five stars if you could buy gift cards to spend on aliexpress all my favourite things are on there also if tax was added on to the original price I shop in bulk like over 20 things at once but I'm always shocked at how the vat tax bumps up the price on large transactions but you can buy so much stuff at such a low price on here and I bought the xaiomi mi6 watch for £30 and it's way better than my Mom's iwatch even she agrees I only bought it because it's slimline on your wrist not bulky. Please try to fix these errors and I'll give you five stars gladly. Take care shoppers. Rachy x
No Landscape Orientation - Please bring the feature back!
7_Hobbit_Meals on 2023-01-29
If you want a landscape feature too - I would encourage you to leave a negative review. The app used to have one, but they took it away in 2020 and ruined the user experience for everyone that uses an iPad with a physical keyboard. - Such a shame as I love the AliExpress platform and have used it for many years. - I have 3 pages of apps on my iPad and AliExpress is literally the only one to force portrait mode. Ridiculous! Especially when iPadOS 15 onwards automatically rotates portrait iPhone apps to display on a landscape iPad screen - developers could just use this feature that is already implemented by Apple!
Zero buyer protection
Katw67 on 2023-01-29
If you are lucky, you get what you need and I got some really good products that were exactly as described. But when a dishonest seller sent me a random item instead of the one I ordered, I got zero protection from the platform. I showed photo evidence and I was still dismissed. Use with caution, if you are lucky you can get good stuff, but always ask yourself if you are prepared to gamble and lose the money you spend here, because this is no Amazon, or Etsy, or any other reputable site - if a seller goes rouge, you won’t have anyone watching over you and you will lose whatever you paid.
AliExpress review
aaaammelisa on 2023-01-29
Personally I love this retail online store. They have all genres of clothes, accessories, decorations, gifts, bags, shoes, technology etc. They have a WIDE range. Ordering a product is really easy, also the the purchasing process is simple and quick. Delivery can vary from quite quick to months however packages always arrive. Quality can also vary there are many dupes of certain brands which are amazing quality. Most clothes are also great quality however some hoodies or t-shirts might turn out to be thin material or see through.
Very impressed
digsgec on 2023-01-29
I buy all the time from Ali express , they are professional and items are tracked and arrive on time. If on the rare occasion you need refunding or return , they deal efficiently and fairly with your issue. The selection of goods is vast and it’s just a pleasure to browse the categories. The quality of goods from individual shops I buy from is excellent. I am guided by feedback , although I do try shops with less if the item looks good.
Steeldive sD1959
marcypark73 on 2023-01-29
A great watch for the price Everything was more then expected The bracelet strap was a bit poorly made. Steeldive should improve this. The finish of the strap was ok it just rattled and the movement is annoying it got caught in my arm hairs! Overall the watch it self is excellent and hasn’t missed a beat since it went on my wrist a week ago! Even when I took it off over night and wore another watch for a day!
AliExpress has been excellent.
stevieblueblood on 2023-01-29
Overall I’ve been very happy with the service provided. Delivery time has been between 3-4 weeks to arrive. If you’re after something particularly then there’s a good chance that you will find a here. Anything that hasn’t arrived or was faulty was dealt with very quickly either sending out a replacement or receiving it. I will always continue to use AliExpress for my interests or stuff that I am looking for.
An excellent app.
Knockyboff on 2023-01-29
I have been using AliExpress for some time now, and shall continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The quality of everything I have received has been excellent, and the shipping times are generally quite fast. Naturally, I have had the odd error, however, that has always been with clothing sizes. Other than that, I find it a very useful and rewarding app.
Long time customer
Brownie Ver on 2023-01-29
I bought many items over the years, nearly 10!! and I have only been disappointed a few. Check sellers ratings, read the description down the page and order from shops with a name not shop1234 as they tend to be short lived. I have a items that still are going strong in my household. Stay away from footwear, they last 1 month top

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