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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



Shoot the balls and upgrade your cannon, how long can you survive? TERMS OF SERVICE - PURCHASE Voodoo offers to each of its account holder (the “Account Holder”) the possibility to select a weekly subscription (the “Subscription”) after a three-day (3) free trial period (the “Free Trial Period”) for a weekly price of 7.99 USD (the “Price”) for the purpose of accessing specific services expressly made available by Voodoo for use (the “Subscribed Services”). Scope of the Subscription Following the Free Trial Period, the Account Holder will continue to have access to the Subscribed Services upon confirmation of purchase and after payment is charged to the Account Holders’ personal iTunes Account. The Subscribed Services will unlock certain games for the Account Holder as well as remove all ads. The Account Holder agrees that the Price with respect to the Subscribed Services is final and will not be subject to refund. Purchases by Account Holders outside the U.S.A The Price is labelled in US Dollars. If the Account Holder resides outside the U.S.A, and wishes to download the Subscription, the Price will be subject to certain variation including additional charges for conversion of the currency. In addition, Voodoo reserves the right at any time to change and update the Price and inventory of the Subscribed Services available. Termination of the Subscription Except as provided below regarding renewal of the Subscription, Voodoo may cancel, suspend or terminate the access by the Account Holder of the Subscribed Services if: the Account Holder fails to comply with the terms ; Voodoo suspects any unlawful activity associated with the Account Holder; and Voodoo suspects certain event of fraud or misuse. The Subscription is subject to automatic renewal unless the Account Holder withdraws from the Subscription 24-hours before the end of the current week corresponding to the subscription period. If the Account Holder does not withdraw, he will be charged for the following Subscription period. The Account Holder may manage directly the automatic renewal by using the functionality provided for in the settings of its iTunes Account. When the Account Holder’s Free Trial Period or the subscription period expires, and provided that he has withdrawn from the Subscription as described above, his personal account will be closed. The Account Holder acknowledges that Voodoo is not required to provide a refund in the event that there remains any amount in his account. Voodoo will not grant any compensation for unused currency. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at [email protected] Terms of services : Privacy policy :

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Extremely unbalanced, too many ads.
Jgod11 on 2021-04-23
The ads in this game are insane, but worst of all, the reward system is horribly unbalanced. The levels become impossible once you start progressing, and upgrades get so expensive that you often have to play for a week or more just to afford a single percentage increase in power. Be prepared to hit an impassable wall at some point, and the game will suddenly become completely unplayable unless you’re willing to put in weeks of play to upgrade enough to pass a single level, only for the difficulty to then increase exponentially in another few levels, leaving you right back where you were. I’d avoid.
Ads after ads after ads
ChuckMcFluff on 2021-04-23
I don’t see how this type of game is not illegal forcing users to click on ads and holding back 5-10 seconds before they can click on skip. Would you like bonus for watching an ad? If you click no, continuous with normal reward they still force you to watch an ad. Will report it, this surely can’t be legal.
JayJayPlayyz on 2021-04-23
They try to get loads of money because people will watch ads but then there is nobody to watch them because there are so many ads. DO NOT GET! I literally played it for 2 minutes and there were about 3 ads. Absolutely terrible. DO NOT GET!
Mans died on 2021-04-23
Man got deaded by a brick mystery boy, aint happy

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