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Dec, 2020


Dec, 2020



Ball Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try to sort the colored balls in the tubes until all balls with the same color stay in the same tube. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain! HOW TO PLAY: - Tap any tube to move the ball lie on top in the tube to another tube. - The rule is that you can only move a ball on top of another ball if both of them have the same color and the tube you want to move into has enough space. - Try not to get stuck - but don’t worry, you can always restart the level at any time. FEATURES: - One finger control. - FREE & EASY TO PLAY. - NO penalties & time limits; you can enjoy Ball Sort Puzzle at your own space!

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Ad pop up!
Keeleeyw on 2021-01-17
I loved this game until very recently when ads started to pop up mid game!!! Can't even play 1 game now without an ad popping up and taking you to App Store to download!! Swipe ad off and go back to game only for another ad to pop straight back up!! Was happy to watch ads once game was won, but this is now UNPLAYABLE!! Deleting app due to this.
I love it - when it works!
AK32sc on 2021-01-17
I installed the app a couple of days ago and am very disappointed. The game constantly stops part way through, often freezes for several minutes and resets a game to the beginning when you close it to do something else on your phone. Same problem whether Im using Wifi or 4G. Shame really as I like the game.
Too many adverts
-MrsH- on 2021-01-17
Only played a few levels and then deleted. Long adverts after every single level which cannot be skipped. Happy to see ads at the bottom of the screen permanently (appreciate that developers need to make money) but having to watch adverts for longer than I play the game isn’t for me
Better data transfer and landscape mode please
keitith on 2021-01-17
If you're using an ipad then you cannot scan the qr code for data transfer. Some levels would definitely be better in landscape mode because it's really easy to press the wrong tube on mobile. Other than that it's a good game, I'm above level 900 now.
Anonymous 3
anonymous 368 on 2021-01-17
It’s hard and my boo played it and and we was on the same level and his was easy and mine was hard and im not that stupid that can’t play a stupid game but I like but it’s tooo hard
Tabbycat62 on 2021-01-17
This game is very addictive and keeps your brain thinking. It is not as easy as you think. Once you complete a game you just want to do another one and .........
More adverts than game play
Uwertyuiop on 2021-01-17
Fun little challenge but you’re forced to watch adverts every time you finish a level. I’ve spent more time with advertising than playing the levels now.
Gi-Gi*** on 2021-01-17
Game doesn’t start up. I open the app, it starts up then bugs out and shuts the app. Doesn’t do it with any other app I have. Just this one.
Great game
Charlie faint on 2021-01-17
Bit annoyed as if you want to have an additional tube you have to watch an ad... But I’ve paid for the game without ads ... anyway good game
The ads interrupt play
Cha cha Kk on 2021-01-17
Please sort the issue with the ads, mid through a game an ad will pop up, I close and then another will pop up. Very annoying

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