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BBC iPlayer brings you the latest and greatest TV series and box sets from the BBC. Watch live, on-demand or download to take away with you - all in one app! Enjoy watching live TV in the palm of your hand, from live news coverage, music and big sport events to great comedies, gripping documentaries and nail-biting dramas. Looking for a little entertainment for the children? Create an account for a more child-friendly experience and your little ones can watch all of their favourite shows from CBBC and CBeebies! Watch the latest TV series and box sets. • Discover the latest TV series and Box Sets: from Strictly Come Dancing and RuPaul's Drag Race UK, to His Dark Materials and Blue Planet – we've got a wide selection of categories and channels to watch. • Download shows to your device: save all your favourite programmes on your mobile or tablet device so you can watch them offline and at a time that’s convenient for you. • Pause and restart live TV: just missed the start of a TV episode? Now you can pause and rewind live channels part way through so that you don’t miss a thing! • Build a playlist of your favour programmes: can’t watch a programme right now? Just tap the ‘+Add’ button to build your own programme playlist. • Enjoy the benefits of signing in: start watching on one device and resume watching on another plus receive recommendations of shows we think you might enjoy. • Stream programmes to your TV using Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast; please note this requires a supported device and compatible supported device connected to your TV. To give you the best experience, this app tracks what you’ve searched for. This can be deleted by tapping the ‘Clear History’ button on the Search screen. What you’ve watched and how long you’ve watched programmes are also tracked. You can turn this off by logging into your BBC account and turning off “Allow Personalisation”. The device uses performance cookies for internal purposes to help us improve the app. You can choose to opt out of this at any time from the in-app Settings menu. For more information about this and privacy, cookies and iPlayer more generally, visit the BBC iPlayer Apps Privacy notice at To read the BBC’s Privacy Policy go to If you install this app you accept the BBC Terms of Use at The app was developed by Media AT (BBC Media Applications Technologies Limited) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Full details of Media AT are available on the Companies House website at:

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Used to be good
Akkenru on 2020-02-26
This used to be a really good app, and it still could be because the app itself functions really well. The problem now lies with the BBC and the compression standards they use. Still or slow moving pictures look great, but if there is a lot of movement on the screen, it looks worse than a crap kaleidoscope. The BBC should be ashamed of this when they are able to enforce people in the U.K. paying them for watching television at a rate higher than any online streaming platform except Sky. The BBC have an unparalleled broadcasting network and infrastructure and are supposed to be the gold standard in the television broadcasting industry and yet for the sake of a few MB of streaming data compromise when compressing programmes, they're willing to allow such abysmal quality to be released. Sort it out guys, you used to be respectable and relied upon for being the best and now, you're actually the worst in streaming and download quality of any provider.
Bugs Bugs Crashes that’s what BBC stands for
Aktisme on 2020-02-26
Update to my last whine; your updates are still buggy! Every time you do an update the app takes even longer to load and you still don’t let viewers choose how to view their downloaded lists. Why can’t we organise them how we want them??? And why does it keep crashing or failing to download?? Seriously have a look at All4 I don’t work for them but their app works!!!! I’ve been using this app for years and every time you do an upgrade it’s still buggy. We pay for a licence fee and still get a crap app. Constantly crashing, takes too long to load, you can’t order the downloads in any sense. When. You want to watch offline it takes an age to open then tells you you aren’t connected to internet! I know!! I don’t need the Internet for downloads. Sort it out. Learn something from All 4 their app is better.
Loved it ❤️
Panda.Monkey on 2020-02-26
This is an amazing app and would definitely recommend there is no problems except adds are a bit annoying but u can get most shows but other than that I’m very happy. Also very cheap and u can log into one account on several devices. If u are bored of watching YouTube and Netflix all the time, this gives you a choice to catch up on any shows u have missed or would like to watch again. this has shows like casualty and silent witness and general shows that are not available on Netflix. And you get the choice to skip any ad would definitely recommend for people with younger children as you can make them their own profile and get a child lock so they can not find inappropriate shows for adults. But they can find hey dougie and peppa pig and many more awesome episodes would definitely recommend!
Discrimination to TV licence payers
Paul & Helen on 2020-02-26
We pay 2 TV licences in the U.K. We spend time overseas and it is not unreasonable to want to be able to watch BBC TV for which we have paid whilst outside UK. This is not possible. Access is banned. Yet when I am in the UK all I have to do is check a box that I have a TV licence even if I do not! Madness. Anyone wishing to view BBC TV programmes anywhere should have to log in with their TV licence number. That is right and fair. What a surprise that the BBC does not have that system. Why not?
Apple TV Version is limited
Rzanc on 2020-02-26
All other instances of BBC iPlayer I have used have a guide option where I can select a programme I know was shown a particular date/time Using a Guide menu. However, this is not available on the Apple TV version. Why? Also, many of the screens are populated with programmes that’s are being pushed by the BBC. Recently Louis Theroux used to occupy most of the home screen for many months. Why? I could go on, but I just have the feeling that the Apple TV is not a priority for the BBC.
1Glynafon on 2020-02-26
God, don’t people realise how lucky we are to have such a phenomenal free app.? Some people are incredible whingers. As soon as I read Kevin’s (he’s a musician, you know) moan (he thought iPlayer was only worth two stars!!), I had no hesitation in giving iPlayer a five instead of a four star rating. Am I to presume that Boris is paying his lackeys to knock a bit of the stuffing out of the BBC before launching into his attempts to get rid of it altogether?
Lagging behind other players
Philho on 2020-02-26
The problem with this app is the player itself. It really needs buttons to skip back and forward 10 seconds, like the Netflix, NowTV and Prime players have. The scroll bar is way too sensitive to allow this, frequently skipping back minutes at the slightest touch, rather than seconds, which is massively frustrating. With the current BBC trend for mumbling actors and soundtracks, this is 100% essential.
Deleted app, unplugged antenna and cancelled tv license
Chris15044661 on 2020-02-26
Awful. Poor content, unpolished app and just a bad experience all round. Tv license is required and is way too expensive, especially compared to the cost and content of other services. Once a show is gone it’s gone....unless it has moved to one of the afore mentioned other services. The whole thing feels like a con. App deleted, antenna unplugged from tv and tv license cancelled.
Drives me NUTS!!
unicorn385943 on 2020-02-26
I definitely don’t recommend this to anyone because when you look something up it shows you things that don’t even relate to it! For instance a few weeks ago l searched up ‘his darkest materials’ and showed me Tom and Jerry!!!!!! Just a friendly reminder DO NOT GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
The Irate Shopper on 2020-02-26
I hate pointless messages, so thanking me for updating the app without telling me what you have fixed or changed is a waste of time. And why do I get alert messages telling me downloads will expire when I’ve already deleted them? How useless is that?

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