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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



BeReal is the simplest photo sharing app to share once a day your real life in photo with friends. Every day at a different time, everyone captures a photo within 2 minutes. Capture and post in time to discover what your Friends are up to. CAMERA • The special BeReal camera is designed to take both a selfie and a frontal photo simultaneously. DISCOVERY • Share your BeReal publicly and discover what other people are doing around you. CHALLENGES. • Some days, the BeReal comes with a unique challenge. COMMENTS • Comment on your friend's BeReal and chat with all their friends. REALMOJIS • React on your friend's BeReal with a RealMoji, your own emojis representation. MAP • See where your friends are in the world when they post their BeReal. MEMORIES • Access your previous BeReal in an archive. WIDGETMOJI • See your friends right on your Home Screen when they react to your BeReal with a widget. iMESSAGE REALMOJIS STICKERS • React with your RealMojis as stickers in your iMessage chats. /!\ WARNING /!\ • BeReal won't make you waste time. • BeReal is life, Real life, and this life is without filters. • BeReal will challenge your creativity. • BeReal is your chance to show your friends who you really are, for once. • BeReal can be addictive. • BeReal might frustrate you. • BeReal won't make you famous. If you want to become an influencer you can stay on TikTok and Instagram. • BeReal doesn't care if you have millions of followers or if you're verified. • BeReal may cause accidents, especially if you are riding bikes. • BeReal is pronounced “BiRil”, not bereale, or Bèreol. • BeReal won’t let you cheat, you can try and if you manage to do so, come work with us. • BeReal doesn't send any of your private data to China. Questions, ideas? We would love to hear what you think and we could even integrate some of your ideas on BeReal.

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My opinion
pls be careful in dis game on 2023-01-29
So this is my review of bereal, and I think it’s pretty funny tbh u ask someone to take a photo of you but ur taking a photo of both of yous. But also if ur taking a pic of like the wall or something and u dont want to show ur face I dont like that fact Bereal says oh who goes there like its a wall its a room or if its somewhere else. But it’s also good in this way because it encourages you to give up every hate about your face and show off your smile to everyone u have added. But in the meantime if u do show ur face it gives u nice comments saying u have a beautiful smile or I love ur shining teeth. I love bereal but sometimes forget to do it. Thanks for the notifications, I think I’m fine ☺️
Yeah still not sure a year later
val123abc on 2023-01-29
I admire the intentions behind BeReal. The discovery feature seems a bit odd to me though and seems to contradict these intentions. As I understand it the app’s aims are for users to connect with people they care about daily. So why is there a whole feed of random people doing random things? To me BeReal cannot be a much more personal social network while this feature exists. It’s why I came off Snapchat-the stories from random people worked against the connecting aim of the app. I return to this app occasionally since downloading it a year ago.
great app
Foxer4life on 2023-01-29
I love being able to see what my friends are doing lol and it’s such a simplistic concept and i think it’s executed very well. The only suggestion that I have is that on the memories section where you’re able to go and see your past bereals, i’d love to be able to see the comments and reactions along with them! and also maybe there could be a feature where you could see your friends past be reals as well but make it so people can choose whether others can see them or not.
love it
🦄UnicornGirl🌹 on 2023-01-29
I love bereal and the concept of it, it’s easy to catch up with friends and share what you’re up to however, as someone who spends around 6 hours a day without service i find it really hard to ‘bereal’ which kinda takes away from the fun and the concept, personally think it would be better if the app worked without needed service
#theoggingejon on 2023-01-29
This app is so fun to use but I do have some recommendations. Bereal does not allow you to post before it is due leaving you to either post on reminder or post late . Bereal would also be great if there where background themes instead of a boring black background but that’s alls I have to say otherwise it’s a great app to use
My review
fab lab partner on 2023-01-29
Personally I think bereal is a great way to show your hobbies, personality and what you do in your everyday life. Even if you just want to have a nose on what others are doing you can’t see until you post yours. I think this is great as it’s a two way street. Also it reminds you to take photos and make memories!
amazing omg
♥♡𝙸𝚝'𝚜 𝚌𝚘𝚘𝚕𝚔𝚒𝚍♡♥ on 2023-01-29
so I’ve had this for over 3 months and it’s so good !! it’s so fun to take BeReal w your friends and also see what other people get up to ! but I would recommend you put your BeReals to “only friends can see” just so no creepy guys can see your face/know your age . That’s all ig ❤️ 100% recommend.
Ailsaberry2 on 2023-01-29
This app is great because like the name it is just very real no filters or fake news also it has the opportunity to see what your friends are up to and sorta be with them it love it but it is also a bit risky bc you can add people you don’t know but they do need an approval which is safer
Keeping post comment
ZoeJRad on 2023-01-29
I am really enjoying this app. Capturing a moment in time every day is fab! I especially enjoy reviewing my moments & pictures but disappointed the comment I posted with the picture has gone. The comment helps to remember what & where. Any chance they could remain in the ‘memories’?
Its quite good 👍
nicknameque on 2023-01-29
Me personally, i think beReal does have some good qualities such as: seeing what ur friends are up to, chatting,etc.However, the notifications do get quite annoying and you only get a short amount of time to post, but other than that I would say its a great app to download! 👍😊

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