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Sep, 2021


Sep, 2021



Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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Perfect for Snapchat but Needs more options
Jobs balks on 2021-10-23
I’ve had Bitmoji for years now on Snapchat and I love it it serves its purpose perfectly fine and the ways to customise it to fit your appearance has gotten better and better. That said I think it needs to improve much more on the customisation side by adding in tattoos customisable piercings stretched ears etc and to be able to place individual piercings by hand to be able to make it more personal and look like yourself. Something along the lines of saints row level of customisation would be incredible :) including more features for the disabled would be a good improvement also wheelchairs, feeding tubes, hospital equipment, hearing aids etc
Stickers all come out with white background
Some bloke off the internet.. on 2021-10-23
When I first installed this is was great. The stickers looked just like they do in the app itself. But for a long time now when you post them in messenger they come out on a white square instead and it looks rubbish. Ones which other people send to me still have a transparent background, as so those I send from the Mac, so it’s obviously still possible to send them just not from this app.
No maternity clothes
elsbelshels on 2021-10-23
I was really looking forward to changing my Bitmoji to be pregnant once I got to twelve weeks but now I’ve noticed you’ve removed all the maternity options! If you were going to do that you could have at least made pregnancy as a body type option 🙁
So unhappy
ColeySweetz on 2021-10-23
So I have a new iPhone and my Bitmoji send with the white background and are not transparent as on my old phone. Bitmoji support haven’t assisted with this although there are many online posts about the same issue :(
Good app
Carlscon on 2021-10-23
Nice app but would be great to be able to select stickers as favourites & also if you have friends without contact phone number on Snapchat would be good to still be able to connect to have friend mojis
rael231 on 2021-10-23
i dont know if its just me😂 but ive updated this app and even redownloaded it and i still cant get the piercing option on my bitmoji on snapchat why cant it just work!!😫😫😫
It doesn’t work with iOS 15.
Robotukas on 2021-10-23
It doesn’t work with iOS 15. Can’t add as keyboard

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