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Feb, 2020


Feb, 2020



Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. • Create an expressive cartoon avatar • Choose from a huge library of stickers – all featuring YOU • Use Bitmoji in Snapchat and wherever else you chat Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji – 2-person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends!

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Makers on app Please read!
❤️the skins!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️ on 2020-03-31
This is I really good app and would recommend it to anyone! I have got some ideas which I thought you could add to the app… - Accessories- Necklaces, Bracelets, Watches, AirPods, Earphones, Headphones, Earrings -Like iPhone’s Memoji s have got. - Gloves and Scarf . - Bags- Handbag, Purse, Rucksack…etc. - For the hair styles that have a bobble in them, you should be able to pick the colour of the bobble so it will match your clothes. - There are some outfits I really like which look very similar to what I wear: For example, I sore this Nike outfit, for some reason it isn’t in the actual Nike section it is in the summer section? … the outfit is a coral pinky colour vest, black leggings with white stripes and some pink and grey/white trainers. I would wear this on my Bitimoji it is just I would like to be able to edit the outfit, by adding a jacket or coat, change the colour of the top… etc . I know you can do this with Some outfits like the Bitimoji ones but it would be really good if you could do it for all outfits! - There is this type of curly/wavy hair which looks a lot like mine- If you go to Hair Styles, go down 6 rows and 2 across that is the one, I really like this one because it is the closest hair style which looks like me! It is just most of the time I have my hair in a high ponytail like the hair style 2 rows down and 4 across . I would like if there was a high ponytail with the same curly/wavy hair . I would really love this app if you added this hair style, thank you. ‍♀️+‍ Please reply to me and/or make a new update! Thank you
I love Bitmoji xxx
on 2020-03-31
I love the app and the idea of having your own character for Snapchat and different apps. It’s cute and I love the outfits, hats and accessories. You can make the bitmoji any aesthetic you want and can make it look like you. One thing I really miss though is the ability to have hollister outfits. I saw them before but I don’t think they are there anymore sadly :( . I would love for them to come back, they were soooo cute, I think one of them was an off the shoulder top in both black and pink and it was just so aesthetic. So yeah, I would die for them to come back to the app, and all in all I love this app and would recommended it to every one of my friends/family. Xx Thank you for reading my review ✨xx
Love it but few choices
disney goddess on 2020-03-31
I absolutely love it but there are not many tied up hair styles or ANY DRESSES and I am the type of person who wears dresses ALL THE TIME but when I am not I would wear a fancy outfit or mix and match my clothes . Bitmoji does not let you do that if you pick an outfit and want to change the shoes or the bottoms it wipes out the whole outfit and there are few choices on the mix and match section too. I wish there were more life like lips because my lips look nothing like them . But it is kinda cool that you can save outfits you have already worn there’s a problem with that -you can not delete outfits. Also if I search something it almost never has what I wanted.
Read this *danger*
emillllyyy_rae on 2020-03-31
Hi so basically this app can find out sensitive info about you if you allow full access. In the app it says it won’t read what you type, but in settings when you press allow full access and a warning pops up, it isn’t the case. IOS says it may be able to access information including your bank details or where you live. Stay safe and done turn on full access. I’m not saying delete the app, just be cautious and do not what so ever turn on full acess.
Short review
Bethany.Snow on 2020-03-31
Amazing app. Wish u could get friends on the keyboard so u can get friend Bitmoji stickers not just on Snapchat it on other apps aswell. Also think there should be french or Dutch plait hairstyles. Such as regular plaits, ones with pigtails and one with plaits going into buns. Apart from this, which is an extensive ask, everything is fantastic!
Brilliant app
lois12306 on 2020-03-31
I love that Bitmoji can connect with snap chat and also become stickers for messages. The only thing is that maybe there could be a few more hair styles or a way to make your own! Also if there could be a way to put bandanas on like on the neck or on the head might just make a five star review.
Lack of Curly hairstyles!!
kateeeexoxoxo on 2020-03-31
Please can Bitmoji add more curly girl hairstyles!! There is only one curly girl hairstyle that looks a little bit like mine. It’s so annoying and makes curly girls feel like they don’t have any option whereas there are tonnes of options for straight haired people. It’s so unfair!!
unicorn gumdrop on 2020-03-31
I absolutely love this app but Bitmoji keyboard isn’t working I’m really sad ☹️ because I love Bitmoji so hopefully it’ll start working. I’ve tried lots of different solutions like turning it off and on again , reinstalling the app etc I hope that I will be able to use this app
Miss Evelyn
Sweetie Eve on 2020-03-31
This app is good but I noticed that all the other faces I have made in the past are not saved which is a shame because it takes time making a new one, it would have been nice to just flick back to the others I put together but I don’t see any way I can do that so 3 stars.
ai bitmoji listen here
LalalallalalalallaRandom on 2020-03-31
i have an issue w you yh cause you deleted the football clothes. Please bring it back or i will proceed to give continuous negative feedback about your app. NA IM JOKIKG. thanks- PLEASE BRING IT BSCK MY BITMOJI IS LOOKIN DRRRRRYYYYYY. thanks ps love u, get back asap pls

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