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Download the highest-rated travel app and join thousands of people finding hotel, motel and holiday home travel deals. Find a stay for your holiday, weekend getaway or business trip, anywhere in the world! Search for hotels, motels & holiday homes • 27 million hotels, holiday rentals, homes, apartments and other unique places to stay • Search by city, attraction, landmark or hotel name with just one tap • Filter by price, review score, amenities and other things important to you • Find your last-minute stay or book far in advance Find a great travel deal • Daily deals for every budget • Free cancellation on most rooms • Browse over 135 million verified guest reviews Manage your booking on the go • Get paperless confirmation • Make changes whenever, wherever • 24/7 customer service in more than 40 languages • Contact your host, view check-in times and write reviews • No booking or credit card fees

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Awful refund policy
RIC4047 on 2020-07-02
NHS doctor and I get no refund for a booking cancelled by government during Covid pandemic I’m in doctor and work for the NHS. I had a work conference to attend in Leeds in March 2020 so booked a hotel room nearby via I made this booking before the Covid pandemic began. The conference then was cancelled due to Covid. The Radisson Blu hotel was also shut too due to Covid. I forgot to phone and cancel the hotel booking due to work pressure and family reasons occupying my mind. However, given alll hotels were shut at this time I don’t think I need to cancel something when the hotel (and all other hotels in the country) are closed. I recently asked for a refund for the hotel room but initially told me they would phone Radisson and promised to sort out the refund and get back to me. The agent involved was Andrei Sebastien. He never got back to me and I didn’t receive the 24 hour update he promised or the refund. So I contacted over a week later. Again the agent (a different one) advises she would contact Radisson and try to get me a refund. I then got an email from manager Amanda saying that Radisson Blu Hotel refused to give me the refund as I didn’t cancel the booing prior to arrival. But the hotel was closed due to Covid!!!?? Also refunds are via as the booking is via them. So should have refunded me, regardless of what the hotel said. I even had rebooked with Radisson (same hotel) for the 28th September 2020 and paid for this assuming the or the Radisson Hotel would have the decency to refund me for the first booking, but no, they didn’t. I tried to cancel this booking due to the above, and go with another hotel and booking company, but guess what, refused to refund this either - it stated that it was a non refundable booking and that if I cancelled it I would get no refund. I won’t be using ever again (or staying with Radisson) after this. Greedy company with no morals.
Absolutely!!! A five star home away from home!
Machowoman1 on 2020-07-02
We booked the Georgian for a 6 night stay that eventually turned into an 8 week stay due to lockdown. I must say the images don’t do justice, the High ceilings, the authentic Georgian style with a modern touch makes it even more unique. Very clean, airy , bright just how I like it, love the chandeliers, the Georgian windows and inner shutters that block of light, the street brings a community of home owners who are very friendly and sip their bubbles in the sun set. Very inviting I must say..... Will recommend this place to anyone , family , large groups, couples. Cosy comfortable beds, tv in every bedroom, and Wi-Fi is available. I will definitely call again. To the team that has hosted us, Thank you for such great hospitality, myself and my colleagues had made it a home for sure. We loved every bit and I will not fault anything. You have all put such love to this business and it is evident in the detail. We will definitely be calling in again. !!!!!
Your choice
RayLynMax on 2020-07-02
You can book accommodation for travel well into the future in the safe knowledge it can be cancelled before a set date free of charge. True reviews are available via past customers with a very quick score card relating to the hotels location and overall experience including the very important cleanliness. Some hotels offer discounts for immediate payment’s which are “none refundable” if this option is taken to save a few quid, don’t expect a refund if you can’t go for any reason whatsoever, including war and pandemics etc, that’s the risk you take. We have been using for many years re travelling all over the world and have always received the accommodation we booked well in advance to the standard we expected. Biggest tip I can offer is read the revues and utilise google earth to check the area and location out prior to cementing your accommodation of choice. anglers rest
cheryl phil bella on 2020-07-02 is a brilliant company to use They do an amazing job at finding what you are looking for. They are also very friendly and helpful if you need to speak to them. Anglers rest in millers dale , who advertises on is an amazing place to stay on. The owners and staff are very friendly. The apartment is beautiful. The pub come restaurant is very dog friendly cosy homely. The food is beautiful. The locals are very friendly and helpful as are the owners and staff. The scenery and walks are beautiful no matter what the weather. Can’t wait for our next visit back there. Thank you to and anglers rest. ❤️
kev3n56 on 2020-07-02
I booked a villa through for June 26th flights have been cancelled & refunded but have refused to refund my villa cost . I have an email from Villa Tucan as well stating they will not refund . They are telling me to take a 25hr flight with 3 stops to get there. We also have a disabled boy who was meant to be in respite which is closed Shocking how many other people’s money are trying to keep.
I used this site for many years, but most-likely won’t again
Pipstewart on 2020-07-02
I secured booking a hotel through them with my credit card for the end of 2020 as “pay at property, no prepayment required.” The hotel just took the full amount off my card without authorisation and it took quite a while to get my money refunded. I always thought this site was safe and reliable, but the experience has left me feeling otherwise. Customer service didn’t offer me any apology for’s error. Such a pity...
White Lodge Hotel Bowness on Windermere
Riggsy54 on 2020-07-02
Booked this accommodation pre COVID with the Free cancellation option. Cancelled early in March but heard nothing back from them in over 2,months of trying. Unable to contact via phone or E mail. Would have accepted a credit if they had even offered to help them out etc. Contacted and they were also unable to contact the establishment? Excellent service from on assisting with my refund.
Villa Fortuna
Whits412 on 2020-07-02
Excellent villa for both adults and kids. We were two families 4 adults 4 kids and there was plenty of space. The pinball machine, pool table and table football were a huge hit with the kids..the pool was a perfect size and the bar was a great place to have a drink on the sun. We would definitely recommend this villa to families, it’s a drive to central Ayia Napa but that means it is in a quiet area.
Apartment in Madrid
RafikiNala on 2020-07-02
I had booked an apartment in Madrid for 3 nights ,for the 24 th June with .I chose the non cancellation option ,this was booked in January 2020 .Since then The Covid virus has made it impossible to go to Madrid for a holiday ,I do not want to cancel but am unable to visit as it's Spanish law .Booking .com are refusing to accept this Force majure .
Appalling service
Dave82xcc on 2020-07-02
This company has not endeared itself to me and it’s behaviour during the recent crisis is lamentable. Entirely unhelpful customer service, deliberately obfuscating and delaying. I shall be cancelling my account with this company as soon as all loose ends are tied up! Encourage you to do the same - more reputable, better alternatives are out there.

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