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Mar, 2021


Mar, 2021



Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars! Mustachioed Barbarians, fire wielding Wizards, and other unique troops are waiting for you! Enter the world of Clash! New Features: ● Upgrade to the all-new Town Hall 14 and power up your attacks with Hero Pets!  ● The Builders are done watching their village get wrecked: make way for the Battle Builders!  ● Introducing Starter Challenges, making it easier than ever to start a new account and Clash! Classic Features: ● Join a Clan of fellow players or start your own and invite friends. ● Fight in Clan Wars as a team against millions of active players across the globe. ● Test your skills in the competitive Clan War Leagues and prove you’re the best. ● Forge alliances, work together with your Clan in Clan Games to earn valuable Magic items. ● Plan your unique battle strategy with countless combinations of Spells, Troops, and Heroes! ● Compete with the best players from around the world and rise to the top of the Leaderboard in Legend League. ● Collect resources and steal loot from other players to upgrade your own Village and turn it into a stronghold. ● Defend against enemy attacks with a multitude of Towers, Cannons, Bombs, Traps, Mortars, and Walls. ● Unlock epic Heroes like the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Royal Champion, and Battle Machine. ● Research upgrades in your Laboratory to make your Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines even more powerful. ● Create your own custom PVP experiences through Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars, and special live events. ● Watch Clanmates attack and defend in real-time as a spectator or check out the video replays. ● Fight against the Goblin King in a single player campaign mode through the realm. ● Learn new tactics and experiment with your army and Clan Castle troops in Practice Mode. ● Journey to the Builder Base and discover new buildings and characters in a mysterious world. ● Turn your Builder Base into an unbeatable fortress and defeat rival players in Versus Battles. ● Collect exclusive Hero Skins and Sceneries to customize your Village. What are you waiting for, Chief? Join the action today. PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans. A network connection is also required. Player Reviews: Clash of Clans proudly announces over one million five star reviews on the App Store. If you have fun playing Clash of Clans, you may also enjoy other Supercell games like Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Boom Beach, and Hay Day. Make sure to check those out! Support: Chief, are you having problems? Visit or or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Parent’s Guide:

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A great game that never gets old.
jender2506 on 2021-04-16
So, I’m a player from 2012 and have loved it from a considerably young age. The updates each time are amazing, and when I hear an update is coming, it isn’t just those “bug fixes”, which has me rather quite excited. I love the graphics of this strategic game and how almost anything can be upgraded and changed, whether that is strategy, tac tic, design or aesthetics of the heroes (many more), depending on the user’s preferences. I love this game and always have, however I have one request for supercell: As the upcoming updates arrive, the base for town halls may need to be expanded for more room. I am not sure if this is already being planned but I will say that I have a large base and I do love those trees and gems, however, with little room comes little space for them to grow. Other than that, this game is a 5 star from me and for sure, will always be.
No perfect but still very good
Hub.z on 2021-04-16
This game is excellent if you haven’t played it you should Anyone can play this game The dev team in charge of this game are excellent always adding good updates to the game keeping it fresh and fun unlike clash royale dev team r.i.p royale Warning it is a very very slow game I’ve been playing on & off for years and still only town hall 10 (ftp)hence one star off but this is the norm with supercell games I believe to try and bleed all your free time sorry got better things to do It’s the on negative of the game as you progress things take longer and longer and my interest shortens and shortens until sometimes things take so long I forget and don’t play for months on end But I do come back and the cycle restarts so maybe I’ll be upgraded to the new th14 when I’ve got white hair and a few marbles rolling about upstairs Peace
Drains your life away.
Anon-Didn't rush once ;) on 2021-04-16
If you’re looking to spend hours on something, please pick a PC game/hobby/sport and not a mobile game. I got to max th10 in 2019, the town hall that was max when I first got the game in the winter of 2013, after hours of wasted time grinding resources for the fame to only make it easier to get up faster with runes, paying, making walls half price twice, quartering troop queue times. If you love the game by all means keep playing, but it isn’t worth it. I plan to solely play the builder hall version of the game for now. The game isn’t fun anymore with strats thrown out the window in favour of OP spam attacks and balancing that fully favours the highest town halls. Since quitting in 2019 we’ve gotten 2 new max town hall levels, and it honestly is just to fuel many people’s addiction to this game.
Pretty solid game
BENNYBOIZZZZ on 2021-04-16
I think this game is absolutely legendary it would be call to see buying bundles with in game currency instead of real life money. If they changed how long the building time was and made upgrades cheaper I think you would see a lot more maxed bases instead of rushed I also think that there should be a market were you can buy different scenery or skins for troups and maybe if you could customise more in game with in game currency then I think the game would feel a lot less pay to win. I would love to see a first person view of my base and when I’m attacking so I can really feel like I’m part of my army/base
Clan castle reinforcements
레전드의 귀환 on 2021-04-16
The new update is cool where new townhall reveals and etc but having a restriction in levels when requesting troops is totally wrong. I am a townhall 12 user who doesn’t get impacted in the new clan troop update however as a clan leader I feel sorry for the lower townhall members not getting full support from the upper townhall. This new clan troop restriction is ridiculous where our clan can fully support the lower members however cannot now due to the new useless rule. On the other hand I am really enjoying the game so I wish fixes were made with the new clan reinforcements restriction rules.
Miadouble on 2021-04-16
It’s an excellent well thought out game. Years ago I played it like crazy. But it’s too hard to upgrade your bases and takes far too long to re-build an army, so I stopped playing COC as it became really tedious and boring. However Clash Royale & Boom Beach so much better, it doesn’t take so long to upgrade and improve your bases and troops and better still you can play more games more often. For years supercell never listened to their COC fan base about such improvements so I gave up. I would love to play it again if the above changes were made but that ain’t going to happen...
Account verification
D33332267N on 2021-04-16
I have tryed to recover my account and it is asking me to verify my acc and has bot sent an email i have checked spam and junk i have tryed everything and it is verry frustrating i enjoy playing clash of clans or i wouldent be here complaining please sort this issue out as i refuse to start again i will not loose 2 years worth of hard work over something as stupid as a verification code this needs to be fixed asap as i am missing out in the game !!!!
Amazing game but one tweak
yodaugs on 2021-04-16
Personally, I love the game. In my opinion, the best mobile game I’ve played. However, once you get up to townhall 6 or 7, the upgrades takes forever. I’m currently at townhall 9 and it takes 4 days to upgrade a mortar. If the times were reduced to a day tops, it would be much better as I wouldn’t have to wait forever to upgrade each thing in my village. Other than that, it’s a great game and would highly recommend playing!
Brilliant but...
mustard hair on 2021-04-16
I personally think this is a brilliant game and it has no ads which is really good.Also the clans give you the chance to play with your friends and other people.BUT...the only problem i see is the amount of coins you need to upgrade the town hall is HIGH and you have to pay for more coins and elixir with gems and you need to pay for gems.Overall though I think its a great game for 9-10s who love a little stratergy.
pizza-fish2020 on 2021-04-16
This game is sick it’s fun and u can actually attack real people strategy and finding different ways to win a players base u can get troops from clan members,who could be across the world u can fight with ur clan in clan wars ect u upgrade ur base to get better defences and get better troops to defeat people across the world and get to the top of the leaderboard with trophies.( to add me LGG2CPCGJ

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