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May, 2020


May, 2020



Your newest addiction comes in 3D! Very easy to play, too hard to master Do not touch other Colors, that is it! 100+ Levels of limitless fun!

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Ok so
Meeeee Xx :) on 2020-06-02
This game is good. It’s rather addictive at times however... This game has become a bit boring after a while because it’s the same thing over and over again!! Another problem is the adverts!!!! What the hell is up with them?! Honestly I really do get tired of the adverts!! I wouldn’t mind if there was an advert every 3 levels but every time you die and after every level?! My third problem is that when my phone has low battery (10% or lower ish) the app keeps glitching!! I know what people will say and yes I have tried other apps and this doesn’t happen!! It’s the app that’s the problem I think as it’s the only one on my phone that this happens!!!! Ok so just a suggestion here - we earn coins for completing levels or opening chests or whatever but what can we use them for??! As far is I’ve seen there’s no way of spending the coins you earn or anything!!!! It makes me feel like I’m playing for nothing!!! Ok lastly it that there is no real “home” of the app. You open it up and it goes straight to the game! It would be so much better if it had like little side challenges or something and had a proper home page thingy!! Ok that’s all but i think what’s happened here is that the developers have become to obsessed with the money side of things instead of the actual game!! Which would probably earn them more money!!
_15strangerthings15_ on 2020-06-02
There is literally nothing bad about this game, it’s really good and there are a couple of ads but only after every, like, 5 levels. It is a LITTLE bit glitchy at times but that’s fine because you can still play it. I highly recommend this game as it is very good and really satisfying (for me anyway). You should definitely download this game! :) Okay so remember what I said about it being a little glitchy? Well now this is just ridiculous. It’s got to the point where I can barely play the game even if I have perfectly good WiFi. Idk if it’s different for anyone else but PLEASE fix this as I love this game. Ty!
Colour Bump 3D
HeartOfFlame on 2020-06-02
I only downloaded this game yesterday,I’ve had so much fun on it! There are a few problems though. First thing,there are wayyyyy too many ads! So you play for about 15 seconds and then 30 second’s of ads. It’s really annoying,you just get them after every single level. Next problem is that it’s way too easy (On my other account I was on level 1000+) you’ve just got to push an object to get past the colour,or just dodge it. I may be deleting this game in the future. Because I don’t want to keep spending my money on these apps that have too many ads. I’ve wasted a lot of my money as well. Thanks for reading this.
Amazing game
maz kanata on 2020-06-02
I’ve only just got this game and I am on level 3, which isn’t very high since I’ve only just got it and haven’t had a chance to get to higher levels yet, but I will. Anyway, this game is amazing because the levels are challenging and fun but not too hard. There aren’t many adds which is god because there are loads of games that are terrible because of the adds. You should get it that’s basically what I’m trying to say... it’s really good.
It was good ...
elena bhav on 2020-06-02
This is a good app to have I will recommend this to anyone who wants a simple fun game the thing that I don’t think was the best thing was that it kept exiting the game then I had to restart and buy it again witch annoyed me but overall it was a good game
Color bump
margaretm04 on 2020-06-02
This game is amazing l love playing it l have only had this game for 15 seconds and l am loVING IT ! GET THIS GAME !
pooweewposhxibdbhxhx on 2020-06-02
Doesn't work now.. ☹️ please make this work I'll be happy and my kids! I'm 22 years old
scotland on 2020-06-02
SO MANY GLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLITCHES apart from that pretty good I rate it a three star game
Four stars
amazingathlete2010 on 2020-06-02
It is a great game and I recommend you get it but there is lots of adds
FootbIIer on 2020-06-02
It’s fun and satisfying but it gets boring after a while.

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