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Dec, 2020


Dec, 2020



Why did the Chicken cross the road? Why did the Pigeon leave THAT there? Why did Unihorse eat all that candy? Crossy Road® is the #1 viral smash hit you’ll never stop playing.

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Annoying ad watching simulator!
ulla_brita69 on 2021-01-27
Every time you open free gift it says watch add to double coins. And when you get a prize it can give you duplicates and then says watch an add or pay double the amount of coins. So if you choose one option, there’s a chance you get another duplicate! So you can waste a bunch of coins or watch another add again! Then it says you’ve got 100% chance of getting a character. So once you’ve paid money again or watched a add again your most likely going to get a prize. But when you’ve got a bunch of characters, it can sometimes not give you anything! The game can also give you adds for no reason too. Also the game bombards you with “free coins” if you watch an add and these mystery coins to get mystery characters which obviously you have to watch an add to get. Besides all of this the gameplay is ok but can get boring fast. Just like most mobile games. They bombard you with adds and the game itself is boring. It’s quite scummy in my opinion. I recommend you play a good game like one of the pewdipie mobile games. Because they barely ever make you have to watch an add.
Duplicates and pop up purchasing
#fortnitefan on 2021-01-27
Hi, This app is driving me round the bend. I don’t receive the free gift as we have bad WiFi, so that means I have to save up all the coins that I find on the road. You can tell that this really annoys me, but what annoys me even more is that you rip me off. I have not won a new guy in months because of duplicates. Every time, I get one. This is not because i have all the characters ( I only have three) it is because this app has lost all senses of fun and has given into the cold tempting gaze of money. After it says duplicate, then it says, OFFER ON BAGPIPER or HALF PRICE C BUNDLE. This makes me go NUTS!!! This game is no longer fun. What if some kid accidentally pressed on the buy button? That would be £59.99 ripped out of their account. That is just a sad, money making scam. I am shocked that anyone would stoop so low as putting an add after every go that I have. Please refrain from ‘updating’ again! I cannot relax and play my favourite game without being irritated by a pop up. GET THE CROSSY TURKEY is suddenly branded across the screen
howdidthechickencrosstheroad on 2021-01-27
This game is quite simple a must have game for your phone/tablet/other device. It is always fun and never gets old because you just keep improving and as you do the game doesn’t get easier or boring, it gets more fun! It’s really exciting when unlocking new characters because many have their own personal landscapes as well. Other special characters have unique game play like sloppy penguin, where instead of jumping across roads, you slide down the ice in a fast paced snowy maze like map, and the beaver. My only advice would be for you to be able to buy more characters with the in game Currency , say you could buy a normal one ( not hipster whale or the drop beat or sloppy penguin and the beaver which you can buy for 10,000) say for Like 500 so if you want a specific one you can get it , but for more than in the machine otherwise people will just buy from their this will probably lead people to watch videos to get more money! And , NO DUPLICATES! But otherwise this game is amazing and you shouldn’t think twice about downloading it!
Great Game, Small Problem
bleh,bleh bleh on 2021-01-27
This game only has one problem, but all games do! So, let’s talk about it. I mean, this game is great, but it gets really and I mean REALLY repetitive over time. Some people can play for 10 years, but some just rage quit because it’s impossible to move sometimes because of the screen moving and all that. Plus, I can’t name a single person that cares about this game anymore. The leaderboards are useless as nobody I know of cares about it. The solution: You could add an easy mode, or a hard mode. Easy mode could make the screen go slower and not spawn cars as often. Whereas, hard mode could be the opposite, having the screen going really fast and having lots of cars spawn makes the daredevil come out of you and have more fun! I hope if you ever bother to update this again, you could add this feature. I hope everyone reading this stays safe if it’s still covid and have fun. Bye bye, reader! <3
It’s good
cuteGiraffe101 on 2021-01-27
Crossy road is a great game and it’s fun to play, at first adds were little but now I’ve played a bit longer there is an add every time I respawn, the adds are long and tedious, other than that the game is fun. ****************************************** I’ve been playing a little longer and I have found that it’s starts glitching out really easily and the ads have become that very game I get an add. When there is an add it start glitching out and make my screen go black!!!! ******************************************* I’ve been playing the game a little longer now and it’s gotten worse, when I go claim a prize the screen turns black and freezes, then when I go back I can no longer get the prize and it didn’t add on to my coins. When it’s just a usual add it’s pauses and doesn’t let you exit the add. I don’t suggest this game at all!!!!
[email protected] on 2021-01-27
Wow. This game is so addicting! I love this game so much it’s definitely my favourite game by far! I would like to speak to those who are saying some things about this game! If you keep dying, practice! My first go, I only got 3. Those saying you cat get past ‘level 1’ there are no levels, which is another thing I love about this game. Those saying to many ads, go onto airplane mode, and anyway, I think there are a reasonable amount of ads, and if anything, some of them have encouraged me to get those games- ads aren’t always annoying or useless. This is a game that you need! It helps with practice, and patience, one day you will get a huge number of steps! Keep at it. Thank you so much to the creators of this game, don’t be downhearted and keep creating!
Superb game
Immy.R2006 on 2021-01-27
I would just like to thank you for creating a game like this. I would also like to thank you for reading my review. This game is amazing. It is so addictive. I mean what other game can you cross a road as an animal, person. And it doesn’t have to be a road for example you can walk on the moon, cross prehistoric “roads”. It is so simple yet engaging. I would really recommend this game to anyone. If you’re still not sure about it just look at the 4.6 at of 5 rating. I think that really says it all. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my review. I hope this helps you. Stay safe! God bless you xx
I just want to be happy
Cookiedome on 2021-01-27
I love this Crossy Road game because it’s amazing the person who invented it is that a genius but I just wanted to ask if we could do ourselves that would be awesome why don’t we do ourselves like take a picture of yourself the weather is it should be like that but I just want a character of me for once and everybody else if you if you don’t Greenleaf I keep the game like that I just want to be happy so please can you maybe change the game.
Phenomenal, fun, brilliant game
Wallsy78 on 2021-01-27
This game is absolutely fantastic! Really simple concept built to perfection. Loads of characters (which change the atmosphere, sounds etc), good side aspect to it in terms of the coins -> new characters. But fundamentally, it’s immense fun, full of character and humour, looks and sounds fantastic, just an all-round fantastic game, and one where ads don’t get in the way at all. My personal thanks to the developers, love it.
Crossy road
dobby yhe house elf on 2021-01-27
I love this game so so so much and it has never got “old” it’s amazing game that can keep anyone occupied for hours on end. The one thing I would say to change is that you have to pay for some characters, now I get that there not that expensive but I mean come on! Anyways I love this game and will never ever stop playing

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