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Food. We Get It. Your favourite takeaways and groceries, delivered to your door. ORDER FROM YOUR FAVOURITE RESTAURANTS Everything is on the menu. From nationally loved chains, such as KFC, Wagamama, Nando’s, Burger King and Subway, to local eats and your favourite takeaways, we’ve got them all just waiting to be delivered to you ready to eat. From Chinese to Cuban, from sushi to salads and pizza to Peruvian, there’s food for everyone on Deliveroo. ORDER YOUR GROCERIES FROM LOCAL STORES If you’ve run out of milk or eggs, you can also order from one of our grocery partners and get your essentials delivered straight to your door. With thousands of grocery products available, from daily essentials like milk, eggs and bread, to cooking ingredients and tasty treats, we’re here to deliver the groceries you need from Co-op, Waitrose, Whole Foods, Sainsbury’s, One Stop, Morrisons, Nisa and more. ORDER YOUR WAY • Search for your favourite restaurants and stores • Sort by fastest delivery time or top-rated services • Filter by your dietary needs, whether that’s vegan, gluten-free or anything else • Get delivery, pickup or table service • Schedule your food for later TRACK YOUR FOOD • Track progress in real-time • Get driver alerts • Share your tracker with a group for larger orders ENJOY OUR OFFERS • Use your discount codes • View the latest takeaway deals in our “Offers” section • Filter grocery stores by offers available • Get Deliveroo Plus LOVED BY YOU, DELIVERED BY US Join the millions of foodies that have already downloaded Deliveroo. No matter whether you want your food now or later, whether you want a family sized feast or a small snack, download Deliveroo and we’ll get your delivery to you in no time.

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Shocking customer service
Ashley20011987 on 2023-02-09
After having an order delivered I contacted customer care. I met the driver at the door and was handed a bag of drinks that was leaking. I pointed this out to the driver who laughed and said that how I was given it from McDonald’s, and walked away. I was unable to take the bag into the house so I left it on the door step. I realised a complaint and uploaded a photo when asked. The complaint page only allows one photo. So I include a photo of the bag, still sealed with a clear puddle around it. I carried in my my meal to find 4 dips missing from the order (paid for dips) 3 days letter I had a response from the complaints department explaining that’s i didn’t give enough evidence. I’ve been asked the same question now by about 5 different members of tue team all with the same results. I have asked multiple time if they can just speak to there driver and I’m sure he can confirm this. Every time the response just ignore the question and asks for more photos. My advise to anyone using this service is to photo document every bag before and during eating. Because if you find an issue and don’t have photos at that point they will not even look into your complaint. Account now deleted. I’ll stick to Uber and just eat from now on thanks. Keep your refund for the items I didn’t get and that were delivered in an unacceptable condition
Deliveroo is losing it’s integrity and customer support is noticeably worse
Rjxjfneksoa on 2023-02-09
I’m a Deliveroo Plus user and spend up to £1k/month on Deliveroo. Over the last year I’ve noticed a dramatic shift in the quality of their customer support. They’re increasingly unwilling to help and have a “deal with it” attitude to solving issues when things go wrong. That’s fine if short-term revenue is the only thing that’s important, but you will lose customer loyalty and I’m afraid I’m pretty close to leaving Deliveroo permanently after the most recent issue. If you can see someone is a regular, loyal customer and they’re reporting that part of their meal hasn’t arrived, perhaps apply some judgement to how likely it is the customer is lying and then consider making it a seamless journey and a positive experience. Don’t make them spend a week going back and forth with support to then ask for a receipt and the original bag over a week later. It’s a £15 order - just do the right thing and stop creating negative feelings towards the brand over small change.
Imaneuae on 2023-02-09
I ordered my food as usual and the driver didn’t show up. I was at home and the bell didn’t ring. I contacted them and they said I won’t be able to get a refund because the driver tried to reach me and I didn’t reply. Which is not the case, I was a regular customer and this never happened. They usually ring the bell, i open and everything is simple. The worst is that they told me I should take it as a lesson to watch my phone when placing an order. Again, no one called me and no one rang the bell. Anyway I payed 20 pounds only for some random person to eat my food, and to be talked down by their customer service. I checked the reviews online and the same situation happened to a lot of people. I hate this app, I will tell everyone I know not to use it. It’s unacceptable in 2023 to treat your customers this way, and to rob them.
I would rather eat glass than food from Deliveroo
KyrstenMcC on 2023-02-09
The app itself works but the service is awful. Been a customer for 5 years and make 3/4 orders a week and get treated like a problem. Not a customer with an issue. If food is not ordered from an editions kitchen then it’s either stone cold, or items are missing. Upon raising a claim that I was missing an item I was told I couldn’t receive a refund because this happens too frequently… I’m unsure how an operational problem I have no control over is being used against me and I’m being charged for services that are not being delivered. This almost seems fraudulent. If this is the stance that Deliveroo wish to take then I no longer want to give them money and I recommend you use a different service too who care about improving and not passing blame onto the people that keep their business afloat.
Restaurant spilled an order of 30£ and deliveroo decided to refund me 2.5
mkodcnl on 2023-02-09
It is completely unacceptable that I order two soup noodles with one of the bottom of the soup broken and all soup LEAKED out. In this case, the consumer service decided to refund me 2.5£, while the spilled soup noodles costs 15£ individually. It was really unacceptable and it was my first order at deliveroo. The agents keep saying our refund depending on the condition of the food and my food was in an obvious state of not edible. I really should just stick with Uber eats and deliveroo was a piece of * :::))))) look at the words they put when you clicked you have order problems -“unfortunately we can’t provide you with any further options.” Like seriously, the only option is letting customers say yes to all order states 😳
Terrible customer service
k18462891 on 2023-02-09
It completely blows my mind that such a abhorrent customer service can exist in 21st century. I have no words. Customer service agents will treat you like trash as if it’s nothing. I started using Deliveroo because of the deal with Amazon Prime and I thought that since Amazon is invested in Deliveroo, I can expect a high quality service I’m used to with other Amazon services I love. Completely the opposite. This partnership is an embarrassment and a mistake for Amazon. Just go use uber eats if you want to be treated like a human being. Amazon should drop this partnership asap and let this company die as it is supposed to instead of keeping it alive.
Poor first impression
MarkLeedsUK on 2023-02-09
I added a code for £10 off first order, app said it was fine, placed an order, noticed immediately it hadn’t been applied, went to cancel the order - it told me it was too late as the order was being prepared (within 30 seconds, I don’t think so!). Complained to support, when they eventually deigned to reply they told me tough luck, try again on the next order, after more emails they told me the code wasn’t valid for my area (why did the app accept it then and say it was fine)! Shan’t use it again, gone back to just-eat, less choice but more honest and you can read the reviews for a vendor rather than just see a number.
Happy cus
K1😎🫠 on 2023-02-09
Always super satisfied with the bacon cheeseburger XL hits the spot every damn time however with many friends and family that do not eat pork there isn’t many options for them so maybe we can get more non pork burgers on the menu and I guarantee business will sky rocket not that it doesn’t do well but you get what I’m saying ultimately you want happy customers and I know for a fact this would make a lot of customers happy if not make your more popular than you already are Thanks anyway K
Great customer service
charliellp on 2023-02-09
I’ve used deliveroo a few times when I want to order food and it always arrives warm and on time. I ordered a fillet tower box meal from KFC today but they sent a normal fillet burger instead of the tower so they refunded the whole order. So there’s always a guarantee that you’ll be happy with your order. You’ll either get what you expected very quickly and at the right temperature, or if you don’t get what you expected you basically get a free meal. Brilliant
they are fooling people!!!!! they dont bring your order
MochaelC08051977 on 2023-02-09
thats how make money! they dont bring your order saying the driver couldnt find your place and they dont refund!!!! this happened to us 5 times!!!! we lost hundreds of pounds! we heard this happen to many of our friends! they are liars!!!! one time I waited at our door and noone arrived! and they charged me anyway!!!!! DO NOT USE THIS APP EVER! IT IS DANGEROUS!!!!! they are fooling people. We will go to court, everyone should do the same!

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