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Food. We Get It. Your favourite takeaways and groceries, delivered to your door. ORDER FROM YOUR FAVOURITE RESTAURANTS Everything is on the menu. From nationally loved chains, such as KFC, Wagamama, Nando’s, Burger King and Subway, to local eats and your favourite takeaways, we’ve got them all just waiting to be delivered to you ready to eat. From Chinese to Cuban, from sushi to salads and pizza to Peruvian, there’s food for everyone on Deliveroo. ORDER YOUR GROCERIES FROM LOCAL STORES If you’ve run out of milk or eggs, you can also order from one of our grocery partners and get your essentials delivered straight to your door. With thousands of grocery products available, from daily essentials like milk, eggs and bread, to cooking ingredients and tasty treats, we’re here to deliver the groceries you need from Co-op, Waitrose, Whole Foods, Sainsbury’s, One Stop, Morrisons, Nisa and more. ORDER YOUR WAY • Search for your favourite restaurants and stores • Sort by fastest delivery time or top-rated services • Filter by your dietary needs, whether that’s vegan, gluten-free or anything else • Get delivery, pickup or table service • Schedule your food for later TRACK YOUR FOOD • Track progress in real-time • Get driver alerts • Share your tracker with a group for larger orders ENJOY OUR OFFERS • Use your discount codes • View the latest takeaway deals in our “Offers” section • Filter grocery stores by offers available • Get Deliveroo Plus LOVED BY YOU, DELIVERED BY US Join the millions of foodies that have already downloaded Deliveroo. No matter whether you want your food now or later, whether you want a family sized feast or a small snack, download Deliveroo and we’ll get your delivery to you in no time.

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Good until it isn’t
Xenu961 on 2023-03-23
I use Deliveroo VERY often. As well as takeaways, I’m disabled so I also use Deliveroo if I need things from the shop that aren’t worth a full grocery order but I’m not able to nip out to fetch myself. It’s sometimes a decent service, definitely not perfect. Most grocery orders come with at least one item missing, which you have to request a refund for. Sometimes the rider will leave your order on a completely separate road or will tell you you need to come to their vehicle to collect it. Sometimes they’ll leave your order in a public place where people help themselves to it. Sometimes shops will be sold out of an item, restaurants will forget an item, etc. The problem comes when trying to get a refund. The first few times, requesting a refund is really quick and simple. Unfortunately, that quickly ceases to be the case. After several requests, they refuse to refund you. When items are regular missing from an order, why wouldn’t you seek a refund? But it seems like being a regular customer is a punishable offence. Your requests for refund or credit will be automatically rejected. I experienced this on an old account, which I eventually stopped using because I no longer had access to the email account associated with it. Things were fine for a while on my new account but it didn’t last! On my old account, they denied me a refund of about £40 when the driver left my order in the middle of the road several streets away (despite him saying on the phone he’d be coming to me). Spoke to them on the phone, got an incredibly rude and dismissive woman who couldn’t have cared less. I foolishly gave them another try on my new account. Fine for a while, now I’m being denied a £6 refund for an item I didn’t receive. With it being such a common occurrence, I can’t understand why they’re so quick to deny it, and it’s a smack on the face that it’s probably on the grounds of suspected fraud. For a long time it was a better app than Uber Eats (takes so long) or Just Eat (fewer options, long delivery) with its quick delivery, many options, and decent user interface. It has just gone so downhill. I’ll be badgering them for this refund and after that, I’ll probably be done with them. Shame on them for their greed and abysmal customer service. There goes dinner for my child and me - thanks, Deliveroo!
Address +map pin has issue
Tic Kle on 2023-03-23
First up let’s suggest a fix! Come on Deliveroo tech team, enable us to change the map pin location to accurately help delivery guys! I was sending food and drink regularly to staff at their home. Constantly half the delivery guys getting lost and even some delivery guys giving up and so we go down the long road of getting a refund! Painful, unpleasant, unhappy customers, unhappy delivery guys, unhappy food establishments. Everyone all round unhappy. Now.. you can see on past reviews many other customers with similar delivery problems where their entrance or location doesn’t match the map system. When… your delivery guy is already lost, there is only one option to change the map pin. That is to delete the address and create a new one. By that time your currently delivery guy has already thrown your food into the nearest bushes in an angry fit! PLEASE - allow us to update the map pin location for addresses in our system. PLEASE - automate a new system to offer a map pop up which the delivery guy can initiate, to show his location and for the customer to tap the accurate position for the rider to come to. (Some form of extra help for delivery guy). Note: I have had 2 or 3 deliveries go spectacularly wrong for an address which was a new build, for map systems to be hopeless inaccurate. Chasing for refunds and the shops supplying getting angry delivering to my address is obviously NOT what Deliveroo is trying to achieve as a business, am I right? Note: I am about 1 inch away from deleting the Deliveroo app. Note: yes I have already deleted the problem address and re-done it again with decent map pin and helpful instructions. But that didn’t help all the badly delivered previous orders or your reputation with me and the shops I ordered from. Those poor delivery guys!
Tired & fuming on 2023-03-23
Absolute garbage! Said 15mins delivery, no tracking available on that restaurant so contact them which would be ok if they answered , turns up 45 mins after estimated time which was well after the deleivery time of 15 mins before I paid the £25 for two pizzas with fries & large pop, & a burger fries & can . No BURGER I PAID £5.99 FOR ONLY 3 TINY FRIES IN A SCREWED UP BAG TO GO WITH PIZZAS , No Large pop substituted with cans of pop including the pop I should have got with my none existent burger order! My kids were asleep when it came & my other half won’t eat vegi pizza which is why I paid for burger I didn’t get! Who gives me my money back for the burger & the waste of food that was so late the driver knocked us out of bed? £25 wasted! Who refunds me?!I don’t see why I should pay for waiting how long then not getting most of what I ordered & paid for as well as the inconvenience of it all? The only good thing about it was the pizza was hot when I got up to get it off the driver which tells me it had only just left the shop but is your responsibility to make sure correct times are advertised & followed & people are able to track their order or is that the reason why we can’t because the times advertised by you are known to be wrong before purchase? Also 2 pizzas & 1 burger with chips & a none descript dip I paid for isn’t a large order for £25!to leave out one of the two ‘meal deals’ so I would have thought out of two meal deals one could have been right & somewhere near on time instead of the middle of the night! If I dont get refunded in full i wont use either again & wont recommend to anyone because I'm livid not stupid!
No delivery or refund for missing order
salahAb on 2023-03-23
Subject Line: Food not Delivered - Order #123456789 Dear Deliveroo Customer Service, I am writing to complain about my recent order, which was not delivered to me. I placed an order for using Deliveroo. I received an email confirming my order, and the estimated delivery time was . However, after waiting for more than an hour, my food did not arrive. I checked the Deliveroo app, and it showed that my order was still being prepared. I tried to contact the restaurant and Deliveroo customer service, but I couldn't get through to anyone. I was extremely disappointed as I was looking forward to having my favorite food from this restaurant, and I had to go to bed hungry. I demand a full refund for my order, as I did not receive the food that I paid for. I also expect an explanation for why my order was not delivered and a guarantee that this will not happen again in the future. I hope that you will take this matter seriously and resolve it as soon as possible. I have attached a screenshot of my order details for your reference. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Salah
Service has become awful!!!
lem42 on 2023-03-23
The app includes a process for reporting when incorrect or missing items are delivered. It used to work very well but clearly they have changed policy recently and now every time you say an item is missing or incorrect it gives you a message saying they can’t do anything to help and you have to contact customer service to get them to refund the item. Customer service then ask you to upload photos you have already uploaded through the app again. It’s very infrequent I receive a grocery order without at least one incorrect or missing item. This didn’t used to be a problem as it was easy to claim, now Deliveroo seem to think it’s fine to make people jump through huge numbers of hoops to get a refund for thing they have not delivered. As a long time Deliveroo plus subscriber I am now becoming so sick of this I am considering cancelling my subscription.
Total breakdown of service
Aspa29 on 2023-03-23
We ordered a large pizza order from a local shop on 14/3 in the city of York in the U.K. and it appears that the local riders are ‘playing’ the app. In the app they appear to have picked up the order and delivered it, but in fact this is not true. The app thinks we have have already received our order. The restaurant calls to say that they haven’t even sent the order out! The customer service of this app is atrocious, when is Wolt going to expand to the U.K.? They have excellent customer service and it’s very easy to report problems with them. I had a faultless experience with them over four years while living in the Nordics. I’ve only used Deliveroo a few times and already problems appear. We need some decent competition for Deliveroo because they think they can get away with really bad service.
Sent Birthday voucher - doesn’t work!
123leight on 2023-03-23
Sent a £10 off Birthday voucher - then reminded I had to use it by midnight today 14/3 . Told my partner, so decided to cancel cooking plans and I would order delivery on way home from work… used the link from the email, found something nice, partner advised on what she wanted - took the time to select it all - came to £55 - tried to use the voucher - said no longer valid, checked all the info, correct code, within date but no - Deliveroo says no longer valid… Having cancelled cooking plans, and got partner fixed on Chinese selection, now have very little option but to place order without discount - feel robbed… not happy…
Order that apparently got cancelled
Nickname27934 on 2023-03-23
l order a waffle at 4 and it said that the estimate delivery would be from 6:30 to 7 so I waited three hours to get my waffle, but it never came, so I decided to check on Deliveroo to see what was going on, and it said my order got cancelled, even though I didn't do anything, and when I pressed why I got cancelled, it said order rejected. I wrote a note to the driver while I was paying to knock on the window on the right because of a buzzer didn't work. I am extremely disappointed and mad. If I could go into negative numbers I would. and I still don't know if I have gotten my money back.
Used to be good
866492048 on 2023-03-23
Biggest difference with other apps used to be impecable customer service. Nowadays orders keep getting cancelled, stolen by riders, non-picked up because of app glitches… I end up waiting more than an hour for them to say “delivered!!! Tip the lad that just took your food home for himself for free” and when I call deliveroo they just go “oh well not our problem. We can redeliver or refund you but we don’t really care about the service provided or that you waited too long bye” This thing used to be better than Uber Eats and now it’s much worse. Useless.
Order not delivered and refund refused
never again with deliveroo on 2023-03-23
I placed an order for over £50. The driver said they tried to contact me and left the order outside my door. No one tried to contact me and nothing was outside my door. I have ring cameras no one came down my path, the driver either went to the wrong house or is not being honest. Your chat blamed me and said I could not have a refund. So my word against the drivers. I am furious, surely if he said he left the food outside because no one answered he should have taken a photo to prove it? Protecting him and me. Disgraceful Deliveroo

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