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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



Dream League Soccer 2021 puts you in the heart of the action with a fresh look and brand new features! Build your dream team from over 4,000 FIFPro™ licensed players and take to the field against the world’s best soccer clubs! Rise through 8 divisions whilst enjoying full 3D motion-captured player moves, immersive in-game commentary, team customisations and much more. The beautiful game has never been so good! BUILD YOUR DREAM TEAM Sign top superstar players such as Kevin De Bruyne & Roberto Firmino to create your very own Dream Team! Perfect your style, develop your players and take on any team who stands in your way as you rise through the ranks. Upgrade your stadium with world-class facilities as you make your way to the Legendary Division. Have you got what it takes? NEW AND IMPROVED GAMEPLAY The very best Dream League Soccer experience awaits with new animations and improved AI we’ve revolutionised the most engaging football experience on mobile. Dream League Soccer 2021 is the perfect soccer package, one which captures the true spirit of the beautiful game. DRESSED FOR SUCCESS Feast your eyes on the best-looking Dream League Soccer experience ever! Customise your manager from a host of different options including hairstyles and outfits. Along with our new and improved graphics engine, your dream team has never looked this good! CONQUER THE WORLD Dream League Live puts your club against the very best in the world. Work your way through the ranks to prove your team is the greatest and compete in Global Leaderboards and Events for exclusive prizes! FEATURES • Build and develop your dream team from over 4,000 FIFPro™ licensed players • Full 3D motion-captured kicks, tackles, celebrations and goalkeeper saves gives unmatched realism • Reach legendary status as you rise through 8 divisions and compete in more than 10 cup competitions • Build your soccer empire from your own Stadium to Medical, Commercial and Training facilities • Recruit Agents and Scouts to help identify top talent in the transfer market • Immersive and exciting match commentary keeps you in the heart of the action • Use Coaches to develop your players technical and physical abilities • Customise your team’s kit and logo or import your own creations • Take part in regular seasons and events to win unrivalled rewards • Compete against players from across the globe with Dream League Live • Exclusive soundtrack featuring Retro Video Club, Only The Poets, Halo Sol and more! * Please note: This game is free to play, but additional content and in-game items may be purchased for real money. To disable In-App Purchases, go to Settings/General/Restrictions. * This game requires an internet connection and contains third party advertising. VISIT US: LIKE US: FOLLOW US: WATCH US:

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Improvement but...
NickWilson on 2020-12-03
DLS21 - seems to be an improvement on earlier versions but tackling is still heavily weighted in favour of the Game. Computer controlled players get away with far worse tackles than user controlled players. Computer controlled players still seem to have a force field protecting them at times. Corners are now much harder with hardly any players in the box so always outnumbered but when the computer has them it’s more 50/50. Penalties have changed again so what worked in DLS 20 doesn’t work here & the angle of shot doesn’t reflect the position of the virtual joystick; free kicks are still very hard & again the direction bears no resemblance to the position of the virtual joystick. First Touch Challenge has disappeared along with the ultimate challenge... that’s fine but I’d prefer getting rid of all the “all star” games & having a real league season of home and away games. Also, the update said it reflected the movement of players in the recent transfer window so why is Cavani not at United? There may be others, haven’t seen Jota at Liverpool either. The players in the transfer market are the same guys regularly, a bit more imagination in this would be good, same with promotions of teams. The auto switch to be in control of the nearest player to the ball is random & spurious, the player you are in control of doesn’t always run in the direction of the controller, the crossing functionality doesn’t always happen, players will often make a tackle & then be stunned instead of continuing to control the ball they just won...of course that never happens to the players of the computer controlled team. Not yet spotted any anomalies on half time scores changing to impossible full time scores (eg teams having less goals at full time than they had at half time) So I’m giving 4 stars for now but may update that as time goes on. Reduced to 3 stars... the Season Pass feature has a free track & a chargeable track. I have progressed through the free track & just completed it so should no be able to claim the final reward...but instead of accessing the pass & claiming the final reward it crashes every time I try. I won the All Star Cup, received the trophy & when looking at the summary of who won the trophy my opponent was declared winner even though when you click that to see the result it still showed that my team won. Simple thing surely. So let’s see some improvements FTG.
*First Touch* Add Volta Football
stevanoi on 2020-12-03
Personally, I’ve been playing this game since I was Six, And every time a new DLS comes Out I Celebrate it. Next Year or This Year, hoping a DLS 21 will Come out, in “First Touch” can You add Volta Football, So instead of Exhibitions Freestyle Football (Futsal) as a new game mode would Be great ! I’ve realised Exhibition is Causing me to lose a lot of coins which I earned from career mode, Therefore to earn the last star for a 5 Star Rating I would like you too replace Exhibition Matches with New Volta Football (Like Fifa) and NEW skill Moves It is up to DLS 20 If you want to include them in career games but Personally I wouldn’t My next complaint is the issue with a bit of allowance after selling our players, for example, I could buy ronaldo for over 2500.00 coins and try to sell him and not even get any money back, to correct this can you workers from (First Touch LTD) allow us to at least from 2500 to divide this by ten and at least give us 250.00 coins for it, this needs to happen in general because if we are getting 30 coins for winning a game how will we save enough to make our coins back, We understand as the public that you want to make money from your great game, but when my phone automatically updates the game for me I don't ever see anything different with the game, Usually I would check what the update was for, and it will just mention "little tweak" or "gradually updating" something no one cares about. WE WANT TO SEE *NEW* changes Personally, as I've been playing this game for a while i know very well that the dls community gets bigger and bigger. If I tell my friend "hop on dls" and he does as a beginner, he'll eventually want to experience selling players, he'll then sell his player not realising a return in pay THIS NEEDS SORTING OUT One more thing, it is very unfamiliar that when I play an exhibition game it takes at least 3 coins out of the 27/30 coins I earn from playing games, these are the "tweaks" that should be happening LIKE I SAID, SORT IT OUT BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE THE GAME BECAUSE OF HOW HARD IT IS TO EARN COINS. Thank you for your time, and I'm sorry for the rather informal message, but please have this sorted before then end of next year ! Thank you for your Time ! Hopefully This Update Helps out loads !
How to improve the game drastically.
Ikay Ogbomo on 2020-12-03
1- Make the game more skill based. It is unfair that to get far, all a player needs to do is sign a fast player and they win automatically. 2- Put effort into defensive gameplay. Currently, defenders are obsolete (especially due to point 1). The defensive line NEVER stays in an ideal position. This must be fixed. 3- Create a balanced online matching system. From personal experiences, I have endured many games with my fairly new team in which I have faced the common P2W player. It especially ruins events which end up in wasted money that could have been used to improve certain sections of my club. An alternative to this would be to bring back offline events to make it possible to lower level players to have a chance. 4 - Include a second-chance rule for events. It is unfair that a player only gets one opportunity to participate in an event. These slim opportunities routinely go to waste due to point 1,2 and 3. It would be realistic if a player had to pay an increase from the original amount. 5- Bring the game onto other devices. This is an obvious one considering you can only play DLS on mobile and tablet devices. It would be ideal to convert the game onto console devices first, especially with the new Xbox and PlayStation devices being released. Also IOS devices can play each other through the local multi-peer system, you should introduce a crossover system that would allow Samsung and Huawei devices to be included. I hope you take these recommendations into consideration to make this game good and enjoyable to play. I have played it for years with a few of my friends at school and we all thought that these would have a positive effect on the game and it’s reputation.
Really good but needs improvements
HARSH REVIEWER 10 on 2020-12-03
1. The top class players are too expensive and the only way to get 750 gems is by buying them. 2. Ever since I have been playing dream league I have only played a International Match 2 in 3 years. Please can there be more. 3. On the transfers in dram league 2019 you had lots of players to sign but now you have 18 people to chose from. 4. When adverts come but you press the resume button but it takes you to an advert and when it finishes you have already been dispossessed and the other team have scored. 5. Can you please make the diamonds easier to get because it takes a long time to get. 6. Every time you by a player with diamonds on the agent it always gives you the lowest one. So if one agent is 70-79 you will get a player who’s rating is 71 . 7. To up grade your stadium when you get into a higher league like me you have to pay up to 4000 coins to get it renovated and u didn’t have that many coins and had to stay in that league for some time and gradually made it better. 8. However, I like the fact how good the commentary and game play is and it’s a amazing game. Thank you for making a amazing game like this!!!!! For those people who are wondering if they should download this game definitely download it.
Was good, but now behind a money wall.
Doomfighter267 on 2020-12-03
I used to love this game; when it was simple and only had one type of currency. This game enabled you to play and earn coins. These coins you could spend to buy your favourite players and build your “Dream Team” as the title suggests! However, last year this gullible game company decided to follow the footsteps of many other rip-off merchants; you can no longer grind at your own will, you have to spend your own money, hoping to get the players you want in loot boxes! Now, you grind for diamonds to upgrade training facilities, your stadium and everything else. This cannot be earned through just playing, but through your credit card! Very dissatisfied with this game in recent times! Considering the fact that this was once my favourite mobile game, I am gutted to be honest!
Great Game play
MadMax_69_007 on 2020-12-03
The game is amazing to play... my missus don’t sleep with me on the same bed anymore cos she says I’m obsessed with this game cos I play in a middle of the night. I do struggle to win games if I’m honest and yes you can come across a team that you know straight away that you staring at a lost cos they players stats 98+ when u playing online in a low leagues. Reduce amount of red cards and penalties. It’s given cheaply and finally try to sort out your of side rule... player can be offside and came back and get active in play. Defenders are playing way up the pitch to often. Suggestion: can u make it so we can actually place our own place where we want them rather than just depending on your formation? Thats all from me.
Good, but needs work
Killerchimp22 on 2020-12-03
Overall, good game. Decent graphics, decent gameplay. Plenty of replay value. Few improvements needed though; - Need cheaper upgrades to club facilities, need a lot of gems so maybe coins instead. - Players don’t level up their stats when you play matches, can only use coaches to do it, which again, costs lots of gems. Maybe introduce training matches/skill games instead - Coin rewards need to be better when completing matches, need to play loads of matches to even think about signing better players for the higher leagues. Edit: Since the update, the game crashes EVERY time you go to the section to upgrade the stadium and facilities, also crashes when you’re in the middle of a game so this needs sorting ASAP.
Poor upgrades
Tab718 on 2020-12-03
I want to be able to improve the player I choose, and not have it done randomly. You have made the opposition harder to play against again. Free kicks are harder to convert now. Corner kicks are random. They never go to the same place even when the direction arrow isn’t altered You have changed the keeper so now when he goes to collect the ball in his area, he just runs up to it and stops so the attacker can score. It changes player selection randomly. I’ve just played a game, and their player ran from his own half and scored. I couldn’t get any of my players to make a challenge! Fix it!!! I’ve no idea what you have done but you need to fix it.
have always loved the game
propermuppets on 2020-12-03
however whatever you done in the latest update has messed the game up because it doesn’t have as good gameplay since about 2 weeks ago like it takes extra touches before it actually does what you pressed. the auto switch has gone very very bad to the point where i’m just closing the game and getting fed up like i make a perfect pass to a player and it just switches to another play so that player ignores the ball then i lose possession. also its better to be able to sell the players and get coins back edit: wtf have u done to the game i genuinely can’t stand it now it used to be my favourite game
Could it be the best football game on mobile?
MasterofAmber on 2020-12-03
Possibly, but the online mode needs fixed, the connectivity issues and lag you get when on wifi that is working fine is shocking. Eventually the game makes you forfeit the match “because of connectivity problems” but there in no problem. I just spent 500 coin to get into a ‘premier cup’, when I went in the opponent got a red card and I scored a free kick then the game freezes and kicks me out of the match, I'm not on an old model of iPad either... Also why is wifi needed for career? Just so you can play without getting ads!!

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